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Doing it yourself to have your cake and eat it

Doing it yourself to have your cake and eat it

Today we’re going to show you how Doing it yourself to have your cake and eat it might be the answer to small bottles.

The Problem

So it has been 17 days since TPD regulations killed off big bottles of E Liquid containing nicotine. Of course many vapers are now infuriated about this for a couple of good reasons. The first reason is that the value for money you get from vaping is mainly found within the E Liquids. £10 spent on a 30ml bottle would last you about 3 weeks if you were using starter kit type devices or 30ml Glass dripper bottles would last an advanced vaper something like a week and a half but cost a couple of pound more. Add that to the approximate £2.50 per week of a coil and you see how it’s far cheaper than smoking.  The cheapest pack of cigarettes legally obtainable in the UK is £8.82. The cheapest rolling tobacco is about £9 per 30g. Most smokers consume between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day, so a pack doesn’t go far. Rolling tobacco works out cheaper but it’s still not great and let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’ve already decided you don’t want to smoke anymore. The second reason is that most people find the 10ml bottles are simply hard to squeeze liquid out of.

The Environment 

Then there is also the knock on consequence of producing thousands and thousands of tiny plastic bottles. We’re supposed to be trying to avoid producing too much plastic where possible. The stuff turns up on desert islands all around the world. They are recyclable thankfully , but still it’s less than ideal.

Doing it yourself to have your cake and eat it

TPD regulations have already chased brands like Homewtown Hero from Texas out of the UK and EU Markets. Big affordable bottles were their strength.

So is there a solution ?

Yes, well potentially anyway. TPD only governs E Liquids that contain nicotine. This means that if you purchase bottles without the nicotine content, the size does not have to be limited. You may be forgiven for thinking that we are suggesting you move from a 6mg or 12mg to a 0mg just like that. The Good news is we aren’t. What you can do is purchase your flavour as 0mg separately from your nicotine. The Nicotine solution comes in 10ml bottles with a 20mg limit as per the regulations. The 0mg Flavouring comes as 50ml in a 60ml bottle for example. You add the nicotine bottle or ‘shot’ into the flavouring yourself and give it a good shake. This gives you a 3mg , 60ml E Liquid in a 60ml bottle that you can use more comfortably and purchase with less frequency. That way you only pay for the 1 large bottle and 1 small bottle as opposed to 6 small bottles to make 60ml.

This system or class of liquid is called ‘Nic Shot Series’. Currently, they only support up to around 4mg to 4.5mg as you have to leave space at the top of the bottle to shake them. However, there are plans to produce larger bottles so that 6mg versions can be mixed. You could source your own 70ml bottle to get around this from the likes of Ebay and Amazon. That way you could pour your 50ml flavouring and two shots (20ml) in to make a 6mg. The same could be done for 3 shots and 50ml flavouring in an 80ml bottle to make a 9mg and so on. The more nicotine shots you add though, the less prominent the flavour will be. So there is a limit to what you can do with this approach. It is at least an option. We recommend you leave to steep for a minimum of one week prior to use in any case. This gives the nicotine Vg and Pg time to bind and enriches the flavour .

Are there Nic Shot Series available Now ?

Yes there are various brands already on the market and more to follow. Ziggicig current stocks two brands. Ohm Brew, which is manufactured right here in Northern Ireland, and Vape Monster’s Shake 2 Vape series. Ohm Brew is 70%VG and Shake 2 Vape is 80%VG. These ranges are aimed more so at the advanced market who typically use lower strengths like 3mg , 1.5mg and 0mg. We are yet to see one aimed at intermediate users.

Loco Lemon Shake 2 Vape By Vape Monster


So yes, if you are willing to ‘do it yourself’ a bit , you really can have your cake and eat it. Unless you use 18mg or 20mg of course, in which case we would have to say, it just isn’t practical. Watch this space too though because there are likely to be more developments in this area in the future.

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