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Finding the Value in Vaping Post TPD

Finding the Value in Vaping Post TPD

In this article we discuss Finding the Value in Vaping Post TPD. How to get the most from the small E Liquid bottle restrictions.

What happened to the big bottles ?

Simply put new regulations came into effect on the 20th May 2017. They prohibit the sale of E Liquid containing nicotine in bottles larger than 10ml. These regulations are known as the Tobacco Products Directive or TPD. The new regs also limit the maximum nicotine strength at 20mg per 100ml or 2%.

Our 30 ml Standard range delivered great value for money at £10 per bottle and was easy to squeeze for older customers or those with arthritis. Under the new regs we can no longer make these available.


So what are you gonna do about it ?

A couple of  solutions have emerged to try to claw back the value and usability that existed with large bottles. The first is the emergence of multi buy deals on the 10ml ranges of Liquids. The second are the Nic Shot Series E Liquids. Our multi buy deals are aimed at beginners as well as intermediate and advanced users. There are now eleven ranges and counting of 10ml liquids with multi buy options available on them. So in most cases you can achieve the same value for money as before with the large bottles. There are some exceptions with some of the premium lines but even there you can find a reasonable deal.

Finding the Value in Vaping Post TPD

Multi Buy 10ml deals are now at the heart of saving money as a Vaper. Be on the lookout for them wherever you can.


Easy Squeezy

Many of the newer ranges including our Zigggcig Classic range now feature softer 10ml bottles. So if you struggled to use them in the past, you may find that they are far easier to use now. Some of the brands that we stock are not under our direct control in this regard . Try to be patient though as many are still developing as we move forward. There is an additional solution available, which is to purchase a 15ml soft bottle. You can then pop the spout off your harder to squeeze liquids and fill them into the soft bottle for your daily use. It’s easier to get the liquid out with the spout off. It’s just not practical for filling your tank. The soft bottle has a precision screw on nozzle though, so it’s very easy to use or refilling. Not only that but they cost you less than a pound.

Nic Shot Series

These are aimed at intermediate to advanced users.The concept is built around the idea of purchasing flavours without nicotine in large bottles, which is legal. Then purchasing the nicotine separately in small bottles which is also legal.

Shake 2 Vape By Vape Monster Whippy Wafer

Currently, Nic Shot Series only supports up to around 4mg to 4.5mg as you have to leave space at the top of the bottle to shake them. However, there are plans to produce larger bottles so that 6mg versions can be mixed. You could source your own 70ml bottle to get around this from the likes of Ebay and Amazon. That way you could pour your 50ml flavouring and two shots (20ml) in to make a 6mg. The same could be done for 3 shots and 50ml flavouring in an 80ml bottle to make a 9mg and so on. The more nicotine shots you add though, the less prominent the flavour will be. So there is a limit to what you can do with this approach. It is at least an option. We recommend you leave to steep for a minimum of one week prior to use in any case. This gives the nicotine Vg and Pg time to bind and enriches the flavour .

So is Vaping more expensive under the new regulations ?

The answer is, rather surprisingly a ‘No, not really’ . Some brands who are more intensive with their branding and packaging will be, but then they always were. The average brand has been able to offer the same amount of fluid as before for the same price.  Also, people should bear in mind, that this was always going to happen. We were always going to be targeted for regulation as vapers. Vaping is too big of a success story when it comes to smoking harm reduction to escape the notice of politicians. The fact that we have , as an industry more or less landed on our feet with the same value for money ,quality and selection is astounding really. So lets look on the bright side, it could have been a lot worse. Vaping has been banned outright in other territories for no good reason with no scientific backing whatsoever. We here in the UK and EU are rather fortunate don’t you think ?

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Nic Shot Series are provided by Vape Monster Shake 2 Vape and Ohm Brew Northern Ireland.

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