GS 2200mAh eGo Battery




GS 2200mAh eGo Battery

Our new GS 2200mAh eGo Battery has been introduced in order provide better reliability in an eGo 2200mAh Battery. So now this battery features a robust tube and 510 connector interface. As much as we stress not to put these devices in trouser pockets we know some people still do. So this battery is sturdier and will cope with such treatment far better than our previous model.

Battery Capacity of the GS 2200mAh eGo Battery

The new GS 2200mAh give users of standard ego tanks like the CE5 ,C1PLUS, Aspire ETS and Aspire K3 Tanks far better lifespan. The built in lithium polymer cell has double the capacity of our standard 1100mAh battery series.

Charging the GS 2200mAh Battery

This particular battery charges via our eGo USB charging dongle. So this means you can recharge by any USB device like a games console, computer or Television set. For slightly faster charge times, users can also pair the dongle with a compatible wall plug. Charging takes around 4 and a half hours, so we recommend having a spare battery. Alternatively you can simply top up the charge whenever the battery is not in use.


  • 510 eGo compatible connection
  • 2200mAh long battery life
  • Easy operate 5 clicks on 5 clicks off operation.
  • Easy to recharge. Simply remove the tank and screw the charging dongle on. Plug into USB powered device or wall plug. When the LED urns from RED to green charging is complete.

Editor’s Note: All of the compatible tanks and charging kit we provide for this battery are featured at the bottom this page. This is a web exclusive bundle.


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