Purity Sub Zero E Liquid




Sub Zero

Sub Zero is an intensely cool mint vape with high vapour production. If you like a really deep cool icy freeze from your vape, then this is for you. It hits you hard with minty punch in the chest right from the get go. This flavour is also meant for those who want a genuine mint taste as opposed to a mint candy taste. In other words, there is no sweetness to mask the mint. It’s really just full intensity mint all the way.

Sold in 10ml multipacks of 3 for so that you get a total of 30ml of E Liquid. High VG content helps to deliver a smooth vaping experience for modern sub ohm devices.

Manufactured in the USA by Purity E Liquids.

70%Vg  30%Pg

Suitable for any tank or kit on our site bearing the DTL Icon

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