How Do E-Cigs Compare to Regular Cigarettes?

Smoking e-cigs is more likened to smoking a pipe or rolling your own cigarettes than smoking regular cigarettes. There is a lot more to the enjoyment of it than simply pulling a cigarette out of a pack and lighting it. Part of the enjoyment of an e-cig comes from getting it to perform to your personal taste. This is achieved through selection of juices, vaping technique, care and modification of your equipment and many more subtle influences.Often considered an annoyance at the onset these things quickly become an important part of the overall enjoyment of the habit just like packing and stoking a pipe for a pipe smoker.

Starter Pen Value Bundle
A typical entry level starter Kit made up of a battery (Purple), Tank and USB Charger


What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette (E-cig) is a battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by heating a nicotine solution into a vapour. It is an alternative to smoking tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. So in addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavour and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, without the harmful effects of burning tobacco. So no smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.

What is the smoke that is released from Ziggicig products?

The smoke that is released is a vapour that evaporates into the air within seconds and leaves no residue in the air. It will not harm anyone around you, unlike the second-hand smoke of traditional cigarettes.The Royal College of physicians recently published scientific findings that conclude that Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Does the vapour have a smell?

No, the vapour has very little odour; however you may have a light essence from the flavour of the e-liquid. That being said, larger more powerful devices used by advanced users will make more vapour which will make the smell of a particular flavour more noticeable to others around you compared to ordinary devices.

Do Ziggicig products have a taste?

The taste depends on the choice of flavour you decide to use. The amount of nicotine present can also affect your perception of the flavour, but generally has a minor impact.

How do you choose your strength of E Liquid?

If you are using a pen style device or basic starter Kit:

40 per day and More = 20mg             10-15 per day = 12mg

20 per day average = 18mg                 less than 10 per day= 6mg or lower

*If you start with a sub ohm device or DTL device then you will need to , at the very least use Half the strength

of Liquid relative to the above recommendations* or the next lowest and closest match.

Most sub ohm users use 12mg or less with the majority comfortable with 6mg or lower.

Our ZiggiBox mini is an example of a beginner’s Sub Ohm Starter Kit

Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat ?

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My E Cig is “Spitting” or “Sparking” and stinging my tongue. What should I do ?

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My e cig is very hot. What should I do ?

Please read this article and follow the guidelines to see what actions should be taken for over heating devices.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub Ohm Vaping is when a device is specifically calibrated to run at much higher power levels in order to achieve more vapor output. This results in better flavour and also extracts more from the nicotine content in the E Liquid. Sub Ohm device users generally use lower nicotine content Liquids than regular Pen style users for a comfortable , smooth and flavourful vape.

What is ‘Cloud Chasing’ ?

Cloud chasing is a cultural activity that exists within the advanced user’s circle of the Vaping community. It is practiced by those who have been vaping long enough to have moved away from nicotine entirely or almost entirely. They use specialised equipment that produces very thick vapor in vast amounts and enjoy the flavour much in the same way a Pipe smoker of old might have.

Why does my coil heat up so slowly ?

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What is DTL and MTL

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What are VG and PG ?

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are the two main constituents of most commonly available E Liquids. The VG produces that smoke -Like look of the vapour and provides a characteristic smoothness to the Vapour. The PG is the main flavour carrier and provides some of the ‘throat Hit’ sensation that makes smokers feel at home with vaping when they first switch. These are added together with a flavour concentrate and the nicotine dose to form a particular bottle of E Liquid. VG, PG and Nicotine content are always full pharmaceutical grade in order to guarantee full safety and efficacy. Flavour concentrates are food grade. All of our E liquids are diacetyl free with full spectrograph lab test results provided to us prior to sale to the public.

My throat hurts when I vape…

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What Are Nic Salts ?

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What is Steeping and Streething ?

Steeping is a process of shaking your E Liquid well and leaving it in a dark cool dry place for a week or more to mature.This process helps to bind the Nicotine, PG and VG together and helps the flavour concentrates bind for better overall flavour. Streething is a process where you squeeze the excess air out of you E Liquid bottle to replace the oxygen molecules with fresh ones so help improve the Steeping process. Streething is typically performed once or twice prior to steeping.

What is the TPD ?

TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive. This is the current set of regulations that E Cigs are governed by in the UK and throughout the EU.  Although E Cigs and E Liquids are not tobacco products, the directive was amended and updated in May of 2016 to include them so as to promote better science and understanding of the effects of Vaping on the long term health of users. It also ensures certain minimum safety standards are met in terms of quality control and ingredients.

How safe are E Cig Batteries ?

A well manufactured device should have several safeguard features built into it to protect the user from over discharging and overcharging of  the battery. This does not mean that users should take liberties with batteries, so standard battery safety measures should be taken when using any lithium ion battery no matter the safety features provided.

-Never leave your battery charging overnight or unattended.

-Charge you battery until the charger shows it has completed it’s cycle and no longer.

-Only use the specified compatible charging equipment supplied to you by your retailer for that particular device.

-Avoid covering any Vent Holes on the device whilst charging.

-Do not leave batteries unattended in a hot environment like your car for instance.

What is CBD Oil ?

CBD E Liquids and oils contain CBD and CBG which are cannabinoids associated with relief from seizures , chronic pains and fits. They can also be beneficial to general nutrition requirements. These products contain no THC whatsoever, so they will not ‘Get You High’. They do however come with a drowsiness warning as the effects can be said to be similar to that of  paracetamol or ibuprofen. The key difference is that those two compounds are derived from opiates and can cause damage to the liver and stomach lining . You can also suffer and overdose from them. CBD and CBG however are entirely herbal and can not induce an overdose risk when consumed in excessive volumes. Where opiates act directly on the nervous system as inhibitors, by acting directly on the neurons themselves, CBD and CBG do not. Instead they fit in key tone receptors in your cells. In other words , they work in a similar fashion to how vitamins are used by your body. Your body has evolved to have a ‘slot’ in which they can be received. If you do not suffer seizures, chronic pain or fits, then you will notice little to no effect from CBD as your hormonal system is likely already balanced. These solutions only provide noticeable effects to consumers who do not have balanced neurological function that is beyond their control.  If you purchase CBD products thinking they will have the same effect as marijuana  you will be disappointed. If you have long term chronic pain or neurological issues, then CBD products could be life changing. Please avoid driving or use of heavy machinery whilst under the influence of CBD as it will generally relax those who are not usually able to relax due to the pain they suffer. This in turn can cause drowsiness. Use with discretion . CBD and CBG are not classified as a controlled substance under UK and EU law and are therefore legal to own and use. THC is classified as a class C controlled substance and is illegal to possess or distribute in the UK  due to it’s known psychoactive properties.

What device is best for CBD E Liquids

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Basic Troubleshooting measures:

Most common causes of leaking:

  • • Cracked glass (replacements can be purchased in store for most models)
    • Damaged or missing rubber ‘o rings’ that fit between the glass and metal. (usually requires a new tank if this is the case – some tanks come with spares)
    • Coil not fully tightened into the base or top cap of the tank
    • Incorrect specification of E Liquid being used for the type of hardware. (too thin- See PG vs VG above)
    • Cotton inside the coil damaged or accidentally burnt or missing.

Most common cause of ‘No Vapour’ – or no output:

  • • Coil is not properly tightened into the base of the tank
    • Coil is faulty causing a short circuit -Usually indicated by flashing LED sequence
    • Connection between the device and the tank damaged through over tightening (This can be adjusted and corrected by staff in store )
    • Short circuit in the device usually indicated by flashing lights – type of issue that can be a manufacturer defect in brand new devices but is most commonly caused by shock (dropped on a hard surface) or liquid damage .
    • Flat battery (Re charge required )
  • Check to see the device is actually turned on – usually 5 clicks rapidly within a 2 second window of the main power button. Some devices may require more or fewer clicks.

My Coil resistance keeps changing or shows as 0.0 ohms and I can’t understand why

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Coil Building Tutorial

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If you have any other questions please drop us an email to info@ziggicig.com and we will respond ASAP