This year, Ziggicig are celebrating British Science Week & Healthcare Science Week. The theme for British Science Week this year is ‘Innovating For The Future’. At Ziggicig, we are aiming to innovate the future of vaping, both nicotine vaping and Cannabidiol (CBD) vaping and are very proud of our hard-working scientists who test our products in-house to ensure we deliver the best quality liquids for your vaping devices.

The ISO 17205 qualified Ziggicig labs (Acutus Laboratories) provide analytical testing services for both Nicotine E-liquids and a range of CBD products including E-liquids.

Nicotine Testing

E-liquids are first developed in the laboratory to optimize product and flavour quality. The Ziggicig Classic and Ohm Brew E-liquids undergo vigorous quality and toxicological testing in our labs to ensure they meet the safety standards required by the tobacco product directive (TPD) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). With the recent media outbreak of illnesses and deaths linked to illicit vape and e-liquid products in the US and beyond, it has never been more important to ensure all products that go to market are fully compliant. As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to regularly test our products to assure our customers amid all the recent skepticism surrounding the safety of vape products. By testing every batch of product, we can ensure that our E-liquids are prepared exactly as required without failure. We have invested considerable efforts on e-liquid formulation, design and flavour development to offer the ultimate nicotine response whilst trying to replace the same throat hit as a cigarette.

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CBD Testing

Cannabidiol has been subject to a recent surge in interest as health a well-being supplement to aid with a range of different ailments and symptoms. Many thousands of testimonials give anecdotal credence to the efficacy of CBD, as well as numerous scientific research studies which indicate a variety of therapeutic benefits. Acutus Laboratories has carefully designed and formulated a premium range of CBD products (Good Vibes) for the Ziggicig retail shops. Good Vibes products have been developed with the goal of providing optimal and targeted relief using the finest broad-spectrum CBD. As with Nicotine E-liquids, every batch of CBD product is tested in the laboratory to ensure that the CBD content is accurate, and that it does not contain any of the psychoactive THC component. Acutus Laboratories is proud to be the first privately owned ISO17025 accredited laboratory in Northern Ireland to provide analytical testing services to the Cannabinoid Industry.

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By testing our products in-house, we can guarantee that our products are not toxic and meet the regulations of the TPD and MHRA. By obtaining the ISO/IEC:17025 certification, we can ensure that we are fully competent in testing our products. In doing so, we are innovating the future of vaping.