Coil Priming And Why It Matters

Coil Priming And Why It Matters

Today we’re going to talk about Coil Priming And Why It Matters.

If you’re just getting started with Vaping or even if you have been vaping for some time, it pays to know about Priming. ‘Coil Priming’ is a process that we use to prepare the heating element and liquid delivery system or ‘wicking material’ for vaping. This process is important for beginners and advanced users regardless of the vaping device being used.

What are Coils?

Coils are an assembly of resistance wire used to create heat combined with a semi permeable membrane liquid delivery system usually made of cotton. Coils work in a similar fashion to your kettle at home, whereby electric current flows through a resistor in order to create heat. Liquid is combined with the heat to create a vapour that one can then inhale. This is how your vaping device is able to deliver nicotine and flavour without the need for combustion. So the process works by transmitting liquid from your tank , through the cotton or wicking material and then onto the heating element. Once it hits the heating element , power can be applied and the liquid is vaporised.

Coil priming and why it matters
A common coil assembly you will find in most modern tank systems


What is ‘Dry Burning’

‘Dry Burning’ is something you want to avoid at all costs. Essentially it is a situation where you burn the wicking material accidentally and inhale the smoke that is produced as a bi product. This is far from ideal as it defeats the purpose of vaping entirely. Smoke is something we are aiming to avoid at all costs when vaping as opposed to creating steam which contains no burning material whatsoever. If you’ve ever read stories in the media about formaldehyde formation in E Cig devices, this is usually what the studies and articles are referring to and it is entirely avoidable. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen which is associated with cancer cell formation, so it’s important to be aware of it. Dry burning happens because there is no coolant present in the coil at the time power is delivered to the coil system. The E Liquid in your tank is both the coolant and the nicotine solution. It rids the system of excess heat by being turned turning into a vapour and being drawn out of the coil when you take a draw.

If you dry burn an organic cotton coil by accident then you should avoid further use of that coil and simply move onto a new coil.

Back to Coil Priming And Why It Matters

When you first purchase a coil or new tank there is usually no liquid inside it unless it is a pre-filled tank. The cotton wick therefore is bone dry and completely sterile. The first thing you need to do is to drop around 3 or 4 drops of your E Liquid onto all the exposed cotton elements you can see. Usually on the side of the coil housing and down the centre of the coil housing. Do this slowly and allow the drops to soak in. Keep going until the cotton appears wet on all surfaces you can see. Even wait 10 seconds or so after the drops have been applied to check the saturation is correct. Try to avoid completely flooding the coil though as this will generally create a bit of a mess and you might think your tank is leaking when it really isn’t. Slow and steady wins the race. If your tank does not support replaceable coils and is disposable then fill it as normal. Then leave it to stand for 5 minutes before use.

Manufacturers of tanks and kits will include priming instructions in the user manual for your safety and well being. It’s always good practice to follow their advice as a starting point.


How Long Should My Coils Last ?

Coils in smaller devices that are not used for devices over 20 watts generally last about a week and a half or up to 2 weeks. Sub ohm coils for devices that work from about 30watts or higher do twice the work so they last about half that. It’s the price you pay for better flavour. Sweeter flavours will generally decrease life expectancy by up to 40%. So a tobacco flavour might give you a week in a sub ohm system but a strawberry cheesecake flavour may start tasting lackluster after 3 or 4 days. Generally, the clearer the liquid appears when viewed inside the bottle, the longer the coil will last when vaping.

Coil Priming And Why It Matters

To summarise , the reason correct priming is important and coil maintenance in general is so important is to make sure you inhale clean vapour. Vaping works because their is nothing being burnt. Keep it that way by following the manufacturer’s priming instructions and power setting guidelines. Each coil is designed for a particular power range. Do Not exceed the recommended power range. If you do this you will enjoy the best flavour possible from your liquid and device and your coils will last as long as possible for best economy. Never ‘over use’ a coil either. If it’s been two weeks, change the coil regardless. This is to prevent excess build up of flavour material on the heating wire that can potentially cluster together to a point where it will begin to burn. If you follow all of the advice here, you should have trouble free vaping with the best flavour possible from your device at all times.