Does Vaping Really Work As A Means to Quit Smoking

Does Vaping Really Work As A Means to Quit Smoking ?

To Answer the question of whether or not Vaping actually works as a means of quitting smoking there are a a few points one must consider. There’s the personal testimony of users, the manufacturer’s and the image they would have the industry portray and of course your own perspective. Not to mention your local government’s perspective and their motivation for either backing Vaping or dismissing it.

Does Vaping Really Work As A Means to Quit Smoking

What I can say for certain from my own Experience.

My background for some context previous to working in the Vape trade was in the music business. After that I worked in the nursery business. I took up smoking at around age 14. At the peak of my addiction I would have been a 30 per day smoker in my twenties. When I started working with Ziggicig I was offered a free twin eGo style kit to try as it was believed , as a smoker I would be better placed to relate to customers in store trying out Vaping for the first time.

I made a conscious effort to use that device as recommended and drop my smoking down to 3 or 4 times per day in the first week. What I found was it wasn’t perfect at the first attempt but I quickly got used to it. I upgraded my tank slightly in the first week and swapped to a slightly different tobacco flavoured E Liquid as well. This was really important, insisting on getting the best replacement for a tobacco flavour that was very similar to the roll up cigarettes I would have smoked prior to switching.

By the second week I was able to drop the evening cigarettes and I was only having one in the morning and one at lunch time. The kit I used very accurately mimicked the sensation of a cigarette. It had tight airflow and was an MTL or mouth to lung style kit. This helped a great deal but back then there wasn’t the variety on the market you see today. So I had little choice in the matter anyhow. The other big factor is that I was ready to quit. I was getting sick of getting sick. Suffering from chronic sinusitis was becoming a real pain in the backside.

Making the Switch

By week 3 I had given up the morning and lunchtime cigarette and was vaping full time.By that point I noticed some changes. My sense of taste was starting to improve as well as my sense of smell. That was back in 2013 and now, years on in 2018 I don’t suffer from sinusitis at all. I still get hit by the flu every other year and get a common cold from time to time but my vulnerability overall has decreased significantly. Whereas before, I was guaranteed to get very sick every time I got the cold. I’ve saved a tonne of money even though I really got into vaping and have bought many types of vaping gadgets since then.

Testimonials from other users who’ve had a similar experience to myself can be found here.¬†Most of the biggest success stories are people who have accurately replaced the sensation of smoking first to make a clean getaway from smoking. Then perhaps later, once they had fully quit smoking they had perhaps considered upgrading. Some still use the very same device and have changed nothing since they started with E Cigs. Some have after maybe two to three years or so managed to reduce their nicotine and quit Vaping altogether. This is the ideal result.

So why would there be any doubt ?

Well, there is doubt but not for the reasons most people would imagine. Particularly vaping industry types. You see, at some point the industry jumped on a bandwagon and they have yet to jump off it. This trend is the very thing that puts governments and health officials off of vaping in general. Yet the market is still completely flooded with it. I call it the “Gangsta Vaping” image.

Does Vaping Really Work As A Means to Quit Smoking
Take this trade magazine for instance. Promoting E Liquids and hardware with a front cover image of clowns and gangsters sporting fully automatic weapons. If you click this image you’ll be transported to a world that has nothing at all to do with quitting smoking and yet has everything to do with Vaping’s world wide image.

Trends, Image and the damage done.

Vape stores are filled with clouds and young adults (hopefully) with their trousers down near their knees. Underwear showing for all to see and caps ’round the wrong way completely defeating the purpose of having a peek on a cap in the first instance.

It’s this image that caught most health officials and government agency’s attention first. Not science, not health benefits but baggy trousers,clouds exploding batteries and boxer shorts. (The batteries blowing were mostly from people attempting to build their own devices to produce ever bigger….CLOUDS !)

As a result most authorities rushed to implement laws that they thought would chase away amateurs from the business. They also thought these amateurs were the ones putting this image, which also appeals to under 18’s forward. Could you imagine their surprise when they realised that some of the biggest players in the industry were the ones behind this marketing tactic ?

Short sighted thinking.

The reason these brands are obsessed with marketing of this kind is due to repeat purchases from the younger demographic. They’re always after the next big mod and RDA to blow ever bigger and more flavoursome clouds. That in itself is no bad thing but it does not reflect the failure to help switch existing smokers onto vaping as a means of quitting smoking.

Talking to numerous customers of more mature years, I have found that they find the whole trendy image of vaping very off putting indeed. If smokers like them are being put off, there are potentially millions of smokers who simply won’t set foot in a vaping store. Not because they don’t believe the product will work for them from a scientific point of view but because they believe the entire thing is just a fad for kids.

So should you try vaping or not as a way to quit smoking ?

Yes, wholeheartedly I say yes. It doesn’t work for everyone as allergies can interfere with it’s ability to work for some people. For most people though as long as you choose the flavours, liquid types, and hardware types that accurately cater to your needs then you should be able to leave smoking behind with a long term ability to gradually wean yourself off of nicotine by decreasing the strength of your liquid.

Do your research and don’t simply take the word from the guy behind the counter. It’s not guaranteed that the store is fighting your corner. Its more likely they are trying to shift the “flavour of the day” on you because that’s what they think everybody wants.

You also need to remember that you need to want to actually stop smoking. Easing into vaping is fine for the early stages, but at some point you need to make the choice to commit. Don’t use half measures and just have a smoke on a night out. Science shows, that just by having one cigarette you loose the health benefits of vaping altogether for as long as those toxins remain in your system. That can be weeks at a time depending on metabolism and your current health status.

Support and advice.

We have numerous articles on this site and through our FAQ’s¬† to help and advice with making the right choices in hardware and liquids. There are also some fantastic forums out there where the truly advanced Vaper’s out there who are humble will be happy to help you. You’ll know who they are as they will recommend something reasonable to you as opposed to a “hand canon”.

Inform yourself and empower yourself and you should be able to access a whole new world that enables a cleaner and more affordable alternative to smoking.

Best Of luck


Tristan Hann (Mid Thirties ex smoker, Vaping since 2013)