Everything you need to know about Mechanical Mods

Everything you need to know about Mechanical Mods

What are mechanical mods ? How do they work, and why buy a mechanical device?

Mechanical mods are the result of Vapers with good technical know how building their own devices , to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of performance and battery utilization.

They are often tubes or boxes made from high grade, low resistance materials like , copper , stainless steel or Bronze. They have no internal circuitry whatsoever. This has two implications for the user. Firstly, they have no added resistance from circuitry and this in turn means less obstruction to the batteries performance. Secondly it also means they have no inherent safety protection other than the users ability to operate the device safely .

The construction of the mechanical mod is based around simplicity. They are, therefore exceptionally reliable when used correctly and well maintained. Typically you would have a tube containing a cell with a 510 spec atomizer connection. The tube effectively is your circuit, with a ground switch at the base of the mod , in most cases and the live connection is at the top end as a 510 connector.

Every piece is made from materials with as low a resistance yield as possible, and because the battery power is accessed so directly , it means that the type of Vape you get from the device is based entirely on the atomizer, coil resistance and layout being used, as well as the power output capability of the cell being used. This is potentially a great way to go vaping, however it does have it’s down falls.

Ohms Reader
The unsung hero of the advanced vaping world, keeping cloud chasers safe the world over for years now.


Mechanical Mods and Safety…

Firstly, you need to understand a bit about ohms law, and certainly some knowledge about lithium based cells as well as being patient with practicing coil builds and testing them before use. Accidents that happen with mechanical mods usually result from user error 90% of the time, the other 10% is down to poor quality cells or mods.

If you’re going to sub ohm on a mechanical we recommend using only lithium Mn Cells (IMR) or Lithium Nickel, they are not protected cells but are far more stable and if they do fail, it would be in a way that is generally far safer than protected lithium polymer / lithium ion cells. The last two mentioned tend to go out with a bang. Keep an eye on there remaining power. Never let it drop below 3.6volts. You will notice a performance drop anyway, but the cells will become unstable at 3.2volts or lower. Maximum charge should only be 4.2volts. 

Always test you builds carefully on ohms readers before using them on a mod. Never inert flat ended batteries wrong way up or allow them to run in a short circuit situation. These are the most common ways to cause cells to vent or explode. The mod itself should have at least one large or 3 small air outlets in it’s tubular or box shaped body section to alleviate pressure and temperature build up. This insures that if you cell vents, then your mod won’t explode under the pressure build up.

Research your cells and understand what they are capable of. Just because you have a 0.2 ohm build doesn’t mean your battery can hack that kind of output. You need to understand that the lower the resistance, the higher continuous amp delivery you will need to expect from your cell. Manufacturers and vendors will make this info available to you, if they don’t then look or shop elsewhere.

Be very careful about experimenting with ‘stacked cell’ builds. This is when you use more than one battery in series. The cells were not designed for having the current of one running into another. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it’s on the extreme end of mods and only those who truly know what they are doing should attempt it. If your mod supports multiple cells, then try a parallel setup first.This yields good power output and longevity without over stressing the cells.

Most of mechanical is about trial and error and a lot of research. Don’t throw the toys out the pram when it doesn’t go quite to plan , just persevere and practice until you nail it. There are loads of youtube videos and forums that will have good advice on them, from advanced Vapers who are more than happy to help .

Learn about maintenance, kepp your connectors clean and your mods and drippers or tanks clean. It takes time but will save you money and sanity in the long run.

Safety first, and remember to test it before you Vape it !

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