Explaining Direct To Lung and Mouth To Lung Inhale

Explaining Direct To Lung and Mouth To Lung Inhale

As retailers we have a much easier time explaining Direct To Lung and Mouth To Lung Inhale methods in store. However online customers are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to the topic. So we thought this would be a good time to try to address the issue. Hopefully this will serve as good advice for first time E Cig buyers who prefer to shop online.

With recent comments from the NHS effectively backing the claim that evidence from scientific testing showing vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking and even going so far as to suggest that E Cigs be made available on prescription, we expect the number of new Vapers to start rising in 2018.  

So why is inhalation method so important ?

The ability to mimic the sensation of smoking as well as the habit itself is key to the success of vaping as a “quit smoking” strategy. However, the needs of a smoker moving to vaping for the first time as compared to a long term Vaper are quite different. Newcomers are looking for something that very accurately mimics the sensation of smoking. So they expect a kick to the throat and chest that gives them a “hit” physically. Nicotine that is being delivered also caters to the mental “hit” people are expecting on their nervous system.

It’s the lack of this physical stimulus that makes patches and gums as well as sprays ineffective when it comes to long term smoking cessation. Vaping offers these physical stimuli but also address one other key shortfall with current medical alternatives. Getting the flavour and “hit” sensation right for newcomers is key to being able to stick with Vaping.

Mouth to Lung Inhale for beginners.

One would assume all E Cig starter Kits are made the same.However this is not the case. They can cater to a range of tastes. For most new starters though we see the greatest success with MTL kits. This is due to the fact that most smokers are used to having a filter to draw their smok through. This adds a certain amount of resistance when you take a draw. Remove that resistance and it can be quite disconcerting.

Due to this resistance most smokers are accustomed to using the muscles in the jaw to first draw smoke into their mouths. It’s suspended their for a moment before being inhaled. Usually inhalation occurs once the cigarette itself has been moved away from the mouth.

To directly mimic this characteristic MTL E Cig kits exist. They generally have smaller mouth pieces to restrict the draw and features heating elements with an electrical resistance of 1 ohm or higher. These heating elements are also known as “Coils” and they are consumables that are regularly replaced after repeated use.

E Liquids play a key role in inhale method.

MTL kits are designed with a very particular set of E Liquids in mind. They consist of 50%PG ( Propylene Glycol ) or higher and generally have higher Nicotine content. They also contain some VG ( Vegetable Glycerin ). The PG contributes to the throat and chest hit sensation and acts as a flavour carrier. The VG contributes mainly to the visible vapour you see and has almost no throat or chest kick at all.

By far and away the main contributor to throat and chest sensation is the nicotine level of the Liquid. The higher the Nicotine level the greater the kick. For more information on Nicotine levels and how to choose yours as well as more about VG and PG please visit our FAQs Here.

Explaining Direct To Lung and Mouth To Lung Inhale
Direct To Lung Inhale Method uses bespoke E Liquid and results in massive plumes of Vapour. Beginners often think that all of Vaping should look like this when in fact MTL is and can be quite discreet. The truth is MTL dominates the market in the UK by about 70%.

Direct To Lung Inhale and Sub Ohm

Direct To Lung inhale method is commonly associated with Sub Ohm Atomizers. DTL uses electrical resistors rated 0.9 ohm or less. Not only that but the tanks and drippers or RDAs come with larger mouthpieces.  They have much less restricted airflow and require higher power to run correctly. The main reason for all of this is to extract deeper and richer flavour. There is also a certain visual satisfaction from seeing a massive plume of thick vapour on exhale.

It’s not for everyone though as its has next to no throat or chest hit relative to Nicotine content as DTL Kits are designed for 60%VG or higher. High VG Liquids are commonly only available as 50ml or 100ml shortfiils requiring additional nicotine boosters to mix them up to a 3mg strength.

The DTL Experience

Vaping DTL kits is rather like vaping a hookah pipe or a bong. You skip the mouth bit and its like just taking a big breath straight into your lungs. It’s like when you chug a beer back. Most normal folks take a sip and then swallow and that’s what MTL is like. When you chug a beer down at a frat party or something then you gotta relax your throat and let the vacuum effect take all the beer down. DTL is more like that. You simply relax the throat and breath the vapour all the way into you lungs.

Because you’re filling the entire expanse of you lungs with vapour and its composed of mainly VG, the result is a massive cloud of expelled vapour that full of flavour but doesn’t feel like a cigarette in the slightest.

 Knowing how to Choose

Most kits and liquids carefully state in their product descriptions what type of kit or tanks they are suited to. So if your read the information carefully you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up the right vaping device for your needs. Remember though that you’ve got to look at the VG and PG content ratio in the liquid description as well as the Nicotine strength and match that to the device you think is suitable.  Usually the recommended liquids below the kit itself on our kit product pages are all from compatible brands that match the kit you are looking at. Whereas the flavour product pages will give recommendation at the bottom of the page based on the flavours you’re looking at.

Two of our leading MTL Kits:

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Two of our Leading DTL Kits:

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If you find you’re still stuck or confused, don’t panic. We’re only an email or phone call away and we’re here to help. So don’t be shy. Get in touch !