How To Use E Liquid Shortfills Properly AKA Nic Shots

How To Use E Liquid Shortfills Properly AKA Nic Shots

In this short article we will discuss How To Use E Liquid Shortfills Properly AKA Nic Shots.

How To Use E Liquid Shortfills Properly AKA Nic Shots

What are shortfills ?

Shortfills are a sort of , ‘semi DIY’ approach to E Liquid supply that exploits a loophole in the TPD regulations governing bottle size limits. Under EU regulations any E Juice bottle containing nicotine must be limited to just 10ml capacity. So as to avoid possibility of poisoning if say a child was to ingest an entire bottle all at once. The regulations consider any E Liquid bottle with no nicotine to be exempt from the regulation. So a shortfill bottle is a large capacity E Liquid in 0mg. Usually a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of E Liquid, or an 80ml  shotfilled by about 20ml. What this means is that there is space left over in the bottle to add nicotine that has been purchased seperately.

Why Bother with all this ?

The reason for this DIY approach is to claw back the value for money users would experience with large bottles. Buying many bottles adds the cost of the bottle itself and outer packaging to each unit purchased. Buying one large bottle saves on this cost, so you only pay for additional liquid. This method only supports low strength users at present though due to flavour dilution limits.

How to prepare a shortfill for use

We recommend following all the steps religiously for best results but if you have no patience we have indicated where you can skip a stage.

  1. Open your Large shortfill bottle and remove the nozzle
  2. Open your Nic Shot 18mg or 20mg bottle and remove the nozzle.
  3. Pour the entire contents of your Nic shot into the shortfill bottle
  4. Re fit the shortfill bottle nozzle
  5. Breath the bottle by squeezing excess air out and letting new air in.
  6. Close the bottle and shake vigorously until the solution contains hundreds of bubbles
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6
  8. Leave to steep in a dark cool cupboard for 3 to 6 days repeating steps 5 and 6 once per day or skip to step 9 if you have no patience.
  9. Fill your favourite tank or wick your favourite dripper and enjoy !

Most Important Box to Tick !

*Make sure to leave a bubble or headroom in the bottle , so that when you shake the bottle up the solution can be mixed by the bubble as you shake* This video clip demonstrates the initial mixing process.

Breathing and Steeping

Its important to breath the liquid as per step 5 as this will allow any residual compounds from bottle sterilisation to evaporate off. Additionally, this will help the nicotine solution to better bind with the flavour concentrate elements. The binding process takes time so this is why the liquid is best left for a couple of days once mixed together for best flavour. Different flavours take different amounts of time to come to their best though, so steep times may vary.

Here is a quick rough guide  on steep times from Shortest to Longest:

  • Fruit flavours  ( Nothing but fruits ) Ready pretty much from day of purchase up to 3 days
  • Menthols and Mints Usually ready anywhere from 2 days to about a week
  • Tobaccos will usually require a week to two weeks
  • Creamy flavours especially custards will take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month reach their best.

Advanced Vapers will have their own ways of going about this but this is just a basic entry level guide to get people started. It is definitely worth getting into the culture of it though as you will taste the difference. Also worth noting is that so called ”pre steeped” omg juice may well be pre-steeped, but if you’re adding nicotine, then its worth steeping it yourself anyway. It may not require as much time though and you will have to experiment on a brand by brand and flavour by flavour basis using the guidelines we have provided here.


If you spend your hard earned cash on quality E Liquids then its worth a bit of time taking care of them to get the most from them. They can, at times be like a good wine or whiskey in this sense. Don’t over do it though as nicotine can degrade with too much oxidation. So just follow the guide above and experiment within reason. Buy new liquids ahead of time so you’re covered during your preparation time. Reserve a cool dark cupboard or drawer inside the home that can be used to store your collection of flavours and make sure you dispose of your nic shot bottles safely, in particular the nozzles. They are best disposed of by re fitting them to the bottle they came with and put into your recycling bin.

Enjoy your Juice ! – Team Ziggicig.