New Juul C1 Kit is Youth Proof and Now in Stock

Just in time for this year’s Stoptober campaign, JUUL have launched their new C1 device. Based on the same great design loved around the world, the JUUL C1 Starter Kit is easy to use and boasts some incredible new features.

Juul C1 Device Kit

New Features

Now with 30% more battery capacity, you can monitor your usage via the Google Play App and see in real time your daily, weekly, and monthly use, allowing you greater visibility and control over your vaping habit.

The App also uses GPS tracking to locate your JUUL device. Just ping it to play a sound – no more searching for your e-Cig down the back of the sofa! The JUUL unit automatically locks when you’re out of vaping range from it, and you can manually lock it via the app if you ever need to.

Juul Love It

The five bar LED indicator lets you view the battery status with a tap, and if you choose not to connect to the app, you’ll save around 30% of battery use. Charging the JUUL C1 takes just one hour with the USB charger, which is supplied with the starter kit, whether at home or on the go.

The new edition JUUL C1 e-cigarette is fully compatible with the existing pods, and the starter kit includes 4 flavoursome V2 PODS in 18mg high strength so you can experience effective nicotine delivery – perfect if you’re trying to quit traditional cigarettes.

In the new JUUL C1 Starter Kit, you will get your JUUL C1 unit, a USB charger, 4 E-liquid pods, and full instructions on how to use your unit and download the software needed from Google Play Store.

Juul Love it

Start your smoke free journey with the JUUL C1 Starter kit and enjoy greater visibility into your usage, full control over the security of the device, and a fantastic range of flavours to maximise your vaping pleasure.

Get your JUUL C1 Starter kit today.

Juul C1 Device Kit