Modern Mesh Coils – The RDA Killer

Modern Mesh Coils – The RDA Killer

No sooner had my colleagues words left his mouth than my jaw had hit the floor. The words he uttered were startling and yet shouldn’t have surprised me as I’d known this day would come. For years now the big name brands in the Vaping industry have been trying their best to match or beat the performance of drippers and rebuildable tanks. It appears now that they may well have succeeded.

The words he said to me were “Mate, I’m not bothered with RDAs anymore, I’ve found something just as good or even better”. My response was “I’m sorry…come again ?” . So you can see why I feel the need to write this article .

How The Big Brands make their money…

Let me start off by saying, there is nothing sinister going on here. The fact is the manufacturers who design and engineer tanks and mods don’t actually make a lot off of these devices. Its a bit like the likes of say Sony for example. They actually make a loss on every Playstation they sell to consumers.

Where they make their profit is on Blu Ray disks and Online subscriptions.  Vaping manufacturers operate in a similar way. They make very little on the devices themselves when taking into account the cost of production and the relatively short lifespan of vaping products. So they actually make their money on repeat purchases of coil heads to support those devices.

That’s a big reason you will see more than one device from any given manufacturer use a coil head that is shared between several devices or tanks.

Why have RDA’s been so hard to conquer ?

Modern Mesh Coils - The RDA Killer
A typical build deck on a modern RDA used for custom coil building.

RDA’s or drippers as well as their tank counterparts (RTAs) are historically considered to be the kings of flavour. This is because the coils are built custom, precisely to the user’s needs and to suit the atomizer itself. So naturally the user gets the very best vaping experience possible given the available technology at any given time. Provided they are willing to upgrade from time to time. Another major factor has been price. The average cost of running an RDA is cheap as chips.

Their key vulnerability is that they are used mostly by the “Vaping Elite” due to the requirement on the user to know what they are doing with these devices. They can be fiddly and cumbersome at times and even down right pain in the backsides to build on. Particularly the RTA or tanks versions. Get the slightest thing wrong and you get dry hits or profuse leaking issues.

Enter The Dragon…

Within the last 6 months we have seen several big brands releasing their own variants of the same new tech. All tanks, kits and devices centering on one new innovation: Mesh coils. From Innokin’s Proton Kit to Horizon’s Falcon Tank series and even pod style starter Kits like Innokin’s new EQ system. They all feature mesh or plexus style coils.

Modern Mesh Coils - The RDA Killer
From Left to right : Innokin Scion 2 Tank, Falcon Resin Tank by Horizon and the fresh off the block Free Max Mesh Pro tank.


Why do we care ?

Well we care because for the first time factory made coils are producing flavour only found in the most advanced coils builds in drippers. Not only this but they are doing so at an acceptable cost that is far less than some of most popular factory produced coils that preceded them. Here in the UK coils were commonly starting to average out at £4 per multi-core coil and even hit as high as $4.50 per coil head in some of the more ridiculous designs. None of which matched RDA performance as good as they were.

Rather ironically though, this has all transpired due to a rather failed bit of RDA tech. You see Mesh wire isn’t a new thing. It’s been around for a while now for use in RDA’s. But it bombed horrifically in that market as the drippers it was designed to be used in were shortsighted in their design leaving users of  wanting when it came to flavour. It seems though that when used vertically in a regular factory coil housing and with adequate juice flow, this tech truly comes to life.

Modern Mesh Coils - The RDA Killer
Here you can see just how a mesh coil offers amazing surface area to create dense vapour production which in turn amounts to amazing flavour.

The surface area to juice ratio achievable is very high and because the wire used to form the mesh surface is so thin , the resistance load on the device is actually both very low and very efficient.

So this means a wide range of different powered devices can run them well. Innokin’s EQ device utilises a plexus mesh style coil at only 15 watts, and that little thing  Vape’s great and with decent battery life. Most of these coils are also available for around £3.50 or less and they typically last very well indeed. The Horizon Tech Falcon tank excels in the lifespan and flavour department with some users reporting as long as a month using the M1 coil with most liquids.

So is this the end of RDAs and RTAs  ?

In truth…no. Not likely. There will always be Vaper’s you want to push the envelope of what’s possible with these devices. Also there’s a real “collectors” side to this that means some of the rebuildable market will never die out. They just enjoy the ritual so much.

There are definitely going to be casualties though. These new systems really do offer RDA like flavour and anyone who found RDAs and RTAs to be a time consuming pain in the backside will switch in a heart beat. Like my colleague, they will find a lot of flavour for far less effort and only a little bit more financial outlay. Consumers are always open to the “convenience factor” and that’s always been the strong point for factory produced coils. Most people have shown they will historically happily pay a little extra to get their time back.

That’s what these coils do for advanced vapers… they give you your time back. For everyone else, they give you more of what advanced Vaper’s spend their time on – Great flavour, and that of course is what all of this is about.