521 V2 Master Tool Kit By Geek Vape


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521 V2 Master Tool Kit By Geek Vape

Make coil building an art rather than a chore with the 521 V2 Master Tool Kit By Geek Vape . If you build coils then you’ll know the value in having a good tool kit. Having the right tool for the job is essential, so Geek Vape have you covered.

521 TAB

This well renowned resistance tester can not only test your load, but can also fire it. So now you can build, shape and test without removing your atty from the tester.


The Kit includes a good set of screw drivers of various diameters, cutters, pliers  scissors and of course ceramic tweezers. So the various diameters of screwdriver serve as your jig templates. Ceramic tweezers are essential so you can properly shape your coils while they are at temperature.

Specifications :

521 Tab MiniAluminium83mm*61mm*24mm
Slotted screwdriverStainless steelφ1.4, φ2.0, φ2.8
Cross screwdriverStainless steelφ1.8, φ2.4, φ3.0
Elbow Tip Nipper pliersStainless steel80mm*147.5mm*12.8mm
Diagonal pliersStainless steel130mm*50mm*12mm
ScissorsStainless steel & Bio-plastic121.6mm*67.3mm*10mm
Ceramic Tip TweezerCeramic & Stainless steel30.5mm*96mm*8mm

Geek Vape are specialists in rebuildable tanks and drippers as well as resistance wires and accessories.