Cigalike Starter Kit Bundle


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Cigalike Starter Kit Bundle

The Cigalike Starter Kit Bundle is for the first time Vaper .Due to this device having the same look and feel as a real cigarette, many smokers feel at home with this setup. It even has the warm familiar red glow at the end when you take a puff.

How does it work ?

The white section of what would normally be filled with tobacco is now a battery that is used for power. Then you have the filter tip section which is the portion containing the E Liquid and Atomizer. Simply screw on the tip or cartridge and take a draw. It really is that easy. When the battery has depleted, it will flash its red LED to let you know to recharge. When this happens, you unscrew the Cartridge. Then screw the USB dongle onto the battery and plug into any flat screen television or computer. Wall plugs are available for charging as well and are found in our accessories section on page 2. The LED remains illuminated during charging. Once charging is complete, the LED goes out. This process takes just over an our.

How long does each Cartridge last ?

Each cartridge is equivalent to roughly one pack of cigarettes. So it should last the average smoker around a day or so. A 20 per day smoker of filter cigarettes should choose the highest strength to start off with. A 10-15 per day smoker of mild cigarettes should choose the 12mg option. If you smoke 10-15 per day of a light cigarette then perhaps a 6mg would be more appropriate.

How often do you need to change batteries ?

Batteries can last up to 300 charge cycles, so the best part of a year. It is always good practice to keep spares so you’re never left without power. Avoid excessive heat, moisture and shock damage so you can make them last.

This bundle includes a handy carry pouch for storage free of charge.

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