Disco Juice 2 for £30 100ml Shortfill Bundle



Disco Juice 2 for £30 100ml Shortfill Bundle

That’s right 200ml of High VG Liquids for just £30. Select from an amazing list of Flavours from the Disco Juice Range.


    SVC LABS says this about Grape Crasher :

    “The weekend juice has landed all that exists
    now is grapes, pineapples, raspberry and
    sparkling soda. i’ve got 48ml left in my tank
    man. im gonna blow steam outta my mouth like
    a screaming kettle. i’m gonna talk mod sh*t
    to vapers all night, i’m gonna lose my drip tips
    on the dancefloor (again) the ice coolant and
    cinnamon in my tank is freakin man. tonight i’m
    melon travolta i’m a graper popper, i’m going to
    vape jam with my chosen vapefam man. we’re
    gonna get more vaped out than big neil ever did
    the grapes are on me!”

    A delicious combination of grape, pineapple, lime and coconut.


    SVC labs say:

    “There’s a lemon in place with a very sweet
    taste and he goes by the name of lemoneeza
    gud, his friends call him freezer cos he’s got a
    fresh mint teaser and he’ll vape up the place
    like no other brother could. he’s got mango
    and lime, he tastes damn fine so exhale the
    goodness and let the vapour flood. when you
    try lemoneeza you’ll know why its such a crowd
    pleaser cos he’s ever so good he’s lemoneeza
    gud! Naughty naughty very naughty…

    Combines aniseed, cola, lemon, orange and strawberry.


    SVC say:

    Let your old friend mandy take you for a drip into the
    twilight zone taking your head into the vapour clouds
    turning your mind into mango mush. feel the beats of
    lemon and lime as they play rhythms to your tongue
    and the sparkling raspberry trickles down the back
    of your throat. you know the night has started when
    mango mandy comes out to play!

    Note: Has mild cool effect.


    SVC Labs  say:

    Get ready for the flavour love parade and prepare
    your taste buds for this year’s opening parties
    featuring your favourite set list of juicy peaches
    and shape shifting jelly. next up the vaping
    masses jet onto the white isle, filling your mouth
    with a fiesta of summer fruit vibes whilst the ice
    cannon blasts you with subtle mint as you exhale
    into euphoria. just when you think the season
    is drawing to an end, boom, the closing parties
    kick in and you get to fly back home on a cocktail
    concorde….f**k me i’m delicious!

    A combination of peach jelly, raspberry soda and pink jelly with ice coolant.

How to Use

Zero nicotine e liquid ideal for DIY e liquid mixing. Mix with 2 x 10 ml  nicotine shots in a 100 ml Unicorn style bottle (sold separately) to create 100 ml of 3 mg/ml strength e liquid. Shake well before use.