Efest Soda Dual 18650 Charger


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Efest Soda Dual 18650 Charger

The Efest Soda Dual 18650 Charger is a great option for people with dual 18650 mods. Charge two 18650 cells at the same time !

Both slots are completely independently operated so safety cut off occurs when each cell reaches 4.2 v. You can also charge several other cells like 18500 and 18350 cells for example.

Variable charge rate:

Variable charge rates are selectable from 0.5A up to 1A. Most high end IMR cells used for Vaping can charge at 1A but check you batterie’s manufacturer details to be sure. If in doubt use the 0.5A mode.


  • Suitable for a wide array of IMR Cells up to 18650
  • Variable charge rate from 0.5A to 1A
  • Fully independent safety cut of for each slot
  • UK Mains plug included
  • Tested with 20700 cells and they are supported !


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