Nic n Mix Nic Shot



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Nic n Mix Nic Shot

Nic n Mix Nic Shot is used as an additive to short fill 0mg bottles of flavour so you can create a flavoured nicotine solution as you desire. This particular range is an 18mg additive, so adding one of these to 50ml of liquid will produce a 60ml 3mg solution.

Now Available in Freebase Nic or Nic Salts !

If you’re looking for an even smoother vape but with more effectiveness than traditional freebase Nicotine, then try our Nic Salts Nic N Mic shots.

Now also available in Koolada Boost and Fizz Boost

Add a refreshing cool effect ct to any vape using the Koolada Boost or alternatively , you can add a fizzy tang to any fruit blend using the Fizz Boost.  (70%VG)


  • 70%vg 30%pg
  • 18mg Nicotine solution
  • Ready to mix

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