Ohm Brew Nic Salts 4 for £12 Mix n Match Offer



Ohm Brew Nic Salts 3 for £9.95 Mix n Match

What are Nic Salts?

Nic salts are not salty but simply look like a salt under a microscope. Nic salts are a more efficient nicotine compound that has double the absorption rate of free base Nicotine. Free base Nic is what you find in most E Liquids and its what usually gives high strength liquids most of their throat and chest hit. With Nic Salt based liquids you can enjoy a more effective nicotine solution but without any overbearing chest or throat hit.

Why choose Ohm Brew ?

Ohm Brew have a reputation for stunning flavours, creativity in their blending and are second to none in their overall quality. They have designed their 50/50 Nic Salts line to be the very best liquid for getting people off cigarettes. Not only only that but they offer a massive array of strengths so you can be really precise in your dosage. Basically they have your needs in mind with this range.


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The Flavours:

The Cuban By Ohm Brew

A full bodied tobacco blend. Experience the aroma and flavour of true Havana. Infused with rich spices to make tasty liquid your preferred all day tobacco vape.

Sensation X by Ohm Brew

We can’t tell you exactly what’s in Sensation X as it’s a closely guarded secret . One of our most popular blends from our Baltic Blends range which delivers on all fronts. Deep, rich and fulfilling menthol flavour that satisfies day in and day out.

Spearmint by Ohm Brew

A refreshing Spearmint vape with a mellow sweet note to keep you going throughout the day.

Blueberry Bubble by Ohm Brew

Bringing you back to childhood with this chewy Blueberry-Bubblegum flavour.

Cappuccino by Ohm Brew

This blend shows the wonderful character of a fine Italian milky coffee complete with chocolate sprinkles for a touch of mild sweetness. The coffee vape everyone has been waiting for.

Fizzy Cola by Ohm Brew

A tangy cola candy with a fizzy finish that swirls around your tongue, tantalising  your taste buds . A fresh take on a popular classic.

Groovy Grapefruit by Ohm Brew

Already a popular flavour from our Badass Blend range. Sweet but not sickly, tangy but not sour with no bitterness. Simply refreshing.

Lemon & Lime Lolly By Ohm Brew

A citrus medley featuring mildly sweet Lemon sorbet with a subtle hint of lime. Masterfully blended and perfectly balanced . Delivering an excellent citrus all day vape.

Mr Pink By Ohm Brew

An expertly crafted blend of grapefruit, orange and lemon with an extra special secret ingredient that makes this a mouth-watering all day vape.

Mr White by Ohm Brew

Heisin-who ? That mysterious blue, now in a fantastic crystal clear blend of molecular perfection.

Passionfruit & Mango By Ohm Brew

A Tropical sweet delight. Smooth and rewarding ripe, juicy mango fine-tuned with a subtle touch of passionfruit. If you like it sweet, then this one’s for you.

Pineapple & Mango Ice Cream By Ohm Brew

The perfect summer time sorbet. Delightfully sweet with a touch of tang and a creamy finish. Perfect for fun in the sun.

Rockin Raspberry Sorbet by Ohm Brew

Heavenly raspberry sorbet with a drop of lemon,rounded off with a dash of roasted vanilla,sprinkled with pure cane sugar.

The Black by Ohm Brew

This dark and mysterious blend features sweet and rewarding blackberry with subtle notes of blackcurrant and just a whisper of cooling menthol at the tip of your tongue. It’s truly mesmerising…

Vanilla Custard by Ohm Brew

Luscious golden custard with a sweet vanilla finish. Something this good has to be sinful.

Blueberry Blitz By Ohm Brew

The aim with this one was simple, authentic mouth-watering ripe blueberry.  Sweet and tangy avoiding any sickly candy overtones. The all-day Blueberry Vaper’s Blend.

Fizzy Cherry Cola By Ohm Brew

Fizzy Cola with a strong cherry note to make this classic soft drink style vape extra delicious , every time.

Punchin Pineapple By Ohm Brew

Sweet and mouth-watering pineapple with an extra bite of tropical tang. Based on our famous Badass Blend and featuring a new mystical ingredient. You’ll have to try it to find out what it is.

Strawberry Storm By Ohm Brew

A summer trip into a strawberry field. Pick the fresh fruits from the blooming field and enjoy the mellow flavours of this poetic E Liquid.

Blacked Jacked By Ohm Brew

The delicious liquorice aniseed sweet everybody love and can’t get enough of.

platinum Tobacco By Ohm Brew

This tobacco blend features a subtle, warm woody note and just a hint of dark chocolate with aromatic spice. The Nicotine salts composition means it vapes very smoothly however this blend features a relaxing, mild throat hit on exhale that makes those switching from smoking feel right at home.

Tobacco Ziggicig By Ohm Brew

Our very own signature Blend ! This is a truly inventive and seductive tobacco vape. This smooth and rich (*sweet )  tea-cured tobacco makes for a truly inviting Tobacco vape.


A subtle ,nuanced blend of sweet Rhubarb with a sultry custard base.This is the Rhubarb Vaper¹s all day delight.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream By Ohm Brew

A smooth and intensely indulgent vanilla bean vape reminiscent of your favourite soft serve. Perfect for those who are looking for a good vanilla vape without “cool effect” additives.


A pure menthol ice blast that vapes smoothly but with a cold satisfying blast to the throat. With a slight mint candy flavour note in the mix, the result is a full-bodied menthol Vaper’s delight.


Thick , lightly sweetened whipped cream swirls. The perfect comfort Vape.


Rich Arabic Coffee bean with a touch of sweetness and a dash of cream.


Sweet green grape, with a hint of aniseed and a touch of cooling menthol. If you liked MR White , you’ll love this !


Take the Bull By the Horns with this popular all day Energy Drink Vape.


A fantastic fruity explosion every time. Zesty citrus notes of mandarin , with hints of ripe juicy melon and golden delicious apple.


Combines the best attributes of Gala Apple’s excellent sweetness but with the firm crisp aftertaste of Braeburn on exhale. A sweet, crisp mouthwatering all day vape.


Sweet, creamy indulgence. Caramel and silky , creamy steamed milk blends beautifully with our authentic coffee notes. Intensely creamy and very Moreish dessert vape.


Blue Slush is a nostalgic sweet combo of Blueberry and Raspberry with a slushy tang.