Vigor Replacement Pre Filled Pods



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Vigor Replacement Pre Filled Pods

Get your Vigor Replacement Pre Filled Pods right here. Each pack contains 3 of your preferred flavour and strength of cartridge. As each cartridge contains approximately 1.6ml of liquid which equates to roughly 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. That works out to about 3 days worth of Vaping for under £5.

These Pods are only suitable for the Vigor Device. They cannot be used with other E Cig Models.

The flavours:

  • Tobacco is a lightly sweetened mild tobacco with broad appeal. Therefore it’s well balanced so it’s very easy to Vape for most users getting started.
  • Cigar is smokier and more traditional. In Fact we found this to be the most realistic tobacco flavour we’ve ever tried.
  • Ice Mint does what it says on the tin, so to speak. A cool icy mint Vape for those looking for an alternative to tobacco and Menthol

The Strengths:

Vigor Pods come in three distinct strengths. 18mg is intended for smokers who would have smoked 20 cigarettes or more. Or who are still at the same level of nicotine addiction.The 12mg carts are for users between 10 and 15 cigarettes per day or who have managed to step down a strength.Equivalent to a mild cigarette. So that leaves 6mg which is for those who now only need a light hit similar to a 5-10 per day smoker or someone who may have smoked and Ultra Light cigarette in the past.


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