Ziggi eGo USB Charger


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Ziggi eGo USB Charger

Ziggi eGo USB Charger Fast Charger cable. Suitable for our ego 650mah, 1100mah,1300mah and 2200mah mah batteries. Simply unscrew the tank from your eGo Style battery and screw into this charger. Insert the USB connector into a Flat Screen TV, Games console or computer to charge. Alternatively you can connect to our Ziggicig Wall plug. Which has been tested with this device to reduce charging time by around 20%.

Updated to Vape Only charger model that features Vape Only Logo

What is an eGo Connection ?

The eGo connection is a type of socket with an inner 510 thread but also features an outer thread. They are most commonly found on starter E Cig pen style devices.

If the top of your battery look like this and your battery has no other USB socket anywhere on it, then this charger is intended for use with it.


  • USB 2.0 Input socket
  • Charges at 3.5v standard USB when paired with USB enabled device
  • 420mA when connected¬† to Wall plug
  • Input current 5v and 0.5A