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Brand: Dr. Vapes

Dr. Vapes Gems Series Topaz - 10ml

Dr. Vapes Gems Series Topaz - 10ml

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Topaz by Dr Vapes Gems Nic Salt - a Tropical Mango experience. Dive into the exquisite tropical essence with Topaz by Dr Vapes Gems Nic Salt, a masterfully crafted e-liquid. This blend captures the lush and vibrant taste of ripe mangoes, delivering a truly unique vaping sensation. The expert formulation highlights the fruit's sweet, ripe, and creamy aspects, creating a mango experience unlike any other.

Perfect for Vape Enthusiasts - Smooth, Balanced, and Versatile. Available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths, Topaz employs nic salts for a smoother throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption, ensuring quick satisfaction of your cravings. The 50% Vegetable Glycerine and 50% Propylene Glycol ratio makes it ideal for various devices, including vape pens, starter kits, and pod kits. Enjoy excellent flavour and a discreet vapour level, making it a top choice for everyday vaping.

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