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Brand: Elf Bar

Elf Bar 600 V2 - Blueberry Kiwi

Elf Bar 600 V2 - Blueberry Kiwi

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Indulge in the mouth-watering delight of Blueberry Kiwi from Elf Bar. This fruit-packed sensation combines the tangy goodness of ripe, juicy kiwis with the sweet and slightly tart essence of blueberries. The result is a perfectly balanced vape that's both satisfying and refreshingly sweet, offering a flavourful journey you won't want to miss.

The Elf Bar 600 V2 enhances the iconic original Elf Bar 600, maintaining its unbeatable convenience and portability while sporting a sleek, shiny metallic exterior. With cutting-edge disposable coil technology, it delivers even more intensely satisfying flavour profiles. Featuring 2ml of 20mg strength nicotine salt e-liquid, this slim and lightweight disposable vape ensures rapid relief from nicotine cravings. Experience a crisp and tactile MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping sensation in a wide range of astonishing flavours with Elf Bar 600 V2.

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