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Brand: Yolo

Yolo Bar Lychee Ice 20mg

Yolo Bar Lychee Ice 20mg

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The Lychee Ice YOLO disposable vape bar is a convenient and rechargeable disposable device that's both compact and easy to use. What sets it apart from similar disposables is its rechargeable battery, allowing you to take breaks from vaping or switch flavours and recharge the battery when needed. With a capacity of delivering up to 575 puffs, each YOLO bar can outlast 20 cigarettes and conveniently fits in your pocket.

This disposable vape bar is filled with nic salt e-liquid, offering a smooth throat hit even at a higher 20mg strength. The range includes a variety of fruit and menthol flavours, each with its unique blend. The Lychee Ice e-liquid combines the soft and delicate flavour of lychee with refreshing menthol notes. The lychee taste forms the core of this blend, while the menthol adds a cooling finish, creating a delightful vaping experience.

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