RELX - Your Perfect Essential Switch Kit

Super smooth, super convenient, super delicious!

One step. All set. An affordable and stylish switch kit designed to fit perfectly into your pocket.

RELX Essential Device

RELX Device

The RELX Essential prefilled pod kit is ideal for vaping on the do through its pocket-friendly design with a resilient construction for enhanced durability.


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The RELX pods are prefilled and are shaped to fit your lips. 8 delicious flavours available in packs of two.


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RELX Pro Pods

RELX Pro Pods

RELX Pro Pods offer enhanced protection against leakage in both your mouth and your pocket. 3 delicious flavours are available in packs of two.


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Meet The New RELX Essential Device

Ziggi is one of the UK's exclusive RELX resellers. A device designed to contain everything you need and that slips right into your pocket.

Regardless if you're a new or seasoned vaper, RELX is a reliable device that will give you a smooth experience.

RELX Device Info
Offers Convenience at an Amazing Price

At only £9.99, this will be your perfect device for everyday use; one charge gives you 360 puffs to get you through the day.

Great Design

It is an ergonomic device that is so stylish and slim that it fits perfectly in your pocket and is comfortable to hold and use; excellent for a night out.

RELX Essential Device Lifestyle Shot

Super Smooth Technology

The Essential features RELX's Super Smooth™ performance standard, allowing novice and veteran vapers the experience they seek.

A comfortable temperature: The Essential produces great vapour at 55°C or below. This temperature is optimal to produce thick clouds while retaining its delicious flavour.

Quiet use: Each draw produces an inhalation lower than 10 decibels. Those around you won't even notice that sound.

Rich vapour: With each puff, RELX produces between 6-7.5mg in weight of cloud.

Fast activation: Almost no waiting time. The atomiser activates very quickly (in about 0.2 seconds).

Draw resistance: RELX optimised the draw resistance to be plus or minus 0.4 kPa in terms of tolerance.

RELX Super Smooth Technology

RELX had a team of over 100 research and development scientists to perfect the Super Smooth™ technology.

Air Boost: The Air Boost technology has a negative pressure airway design that allows comfortable and seamless puffs.

Active-Steam Pro: The Active-Steam Pro technology maintains a balanced atomisation process, preventing high temperatures.

RELX Essential Device & Pod

At Ziggicig, we are here to help you Make the Switch. We will help you pick your perfect device with proper nicotine levels to suit your needs. Vaping has been proven to be 95% less harmful than smoking and is twice as effective as other nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).

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