Resistance is futile-The truth about Coil Resistance

Resistance is futile-The truth about Coil Resistance

Resistance is a highly talked about technical feature of Vaping. Get it right and you’re loving your Vape, get it wrong and you’re in a world of ‘dry hits’ and nasty burnt tastes. What is coil resistance, and what does it actually mean for the average Vaper? To describe resistance, it’s probably best that you put your plumber’s hat on for second….Picture a pipe with water flowing through it: A wider pipe is capable of of carrying more water at any time than a thinner one right? An if you force the same amount of water through a thinner pipe at the same speed, it will come out the end with more pressure, possibly covering your entire kitchen with water right?


Well, E Cigs are exactly the same principle when it comes to coil resistance in that they vapourise E Liquid by heating up a coil made of resistance wire. The thinner the wire , the higher the resistance it will put on a given amount of voltage from your battery. The thicker the wire, the less resistance.

So , it breaks down to how much power you have available as to what kind of coil you can run , or if you have an over abundance of power what type of Vape you like.

Do you prefer a warm vapour, with lots of throat hit, or a cooler vapour that’s smooth with loads of flavour?

Lets say for talk’s sake , you use an eGo pen with a CE4 atomizer (2.1 ohm resistance). Your eGo battery has a standard voltage output that is calibrated for your CE4 atomizer to produce a particular vape. Now lets say you put your CE4 tip on a 20watt Eleaf box mod, and you turn it up all the way to 20watts. You end up burning your Juice, your wicks and your coil. This then tastes like burnt stuff…which nobody appreciates. This is exactly the same as pumping the same amount of water through the pipe that is too thin, it sprays everywhere and ruins your day.

Now if you put a tank like an Aspire Nautilus tank which is 1.6 ohms resistance (A wider pipe) onto the 20 watt setting, you’re gonna get a great Vape for that tank’s design features.

You may also have heard of ‘Sub Ohm’ vaping. This recent trend makes use of extremely low resistance coils to extract flavour and vapour production (Clouds) from your E Liquid.

It does this by using considerably thicker wire, lowering resistance but also allowing for more wraps to be used on the coil. As there are more wraps being heated this in turn produces more Vapour and flavour. This uses E Liquid more quickly…but hey, you can’t have everything. Performance comes at a price. The downside to the lower Sub ohm approach is that you need more power to get the thicker wire up to vaping temperature. So if you by an Atlantis, or Sub Tank Mini or other Sub Ohm tank then you are going to need a device that can deliver 30watts or more before you get any kind of pleasant vape from it.


Here is a rough idea of what sort of coil works with what sort of device:

.eGo and Evod constant Voltage : 1.5 ohm to 2.1ohm

.Twist style battery Variable Voltage up to 4.8volts:  1.5 to 1.8 ohm (some 2.1 ohm tanks will work depending on wicking potential)

.Variable Wattage 15 watt to 20 watt setting: 1.2 ohm to 1.8ohm

.Variable wattage 30 watts  or higher :  0.5 ohm – 1.0 ohm ( Some devices that are 60watts or higher can run down to 0.2 ohm

.Temperature control Mods use a system of their own and typically run 0.15 ohm coils.


This is only a rough guide , and does not take into account the wicking capability of a particular tank, nor does it consider the airflow capability. These two factors can either further limit, or possibly extend the working range of a tank or coil arrangement. Sometimes you just won’t know until you try.

Always check with your retailer on your specific device or tip as to what compatibility they have. Never  run your kit outside of the recommended window.

It tastes bad and can, in some cases be dangerous to yourself, or to your device.


Please note:

If you want to use a Mechanical Mod, which has no safety circuitry, or circuitry of any kind in it, then you need to research and understand ohms law well, and be meticulous with your coil builds,checking for shorts regularly using an ohms reader before ever trying to vape the coil in question. Lastly, make sure you battery is up to the task.


Safe Vaping Everyone !


Eleaf iStick 100w TC
Perfect for Sub Ohm and Temperature control
iClear 16s Coil Replacement
This iclear 16s 2.1ohm Coil is best run no higher than 12 watts , or 15 watts using the 1.5 ohms version.