Steeping your E Liquid

Steeping your E Liquid

If you’ve ever tasted an E Liquid and loved it, then gone out and bought some more only to find that it doesn’t quite taste right, then one of two things has happened to you:

A. You have ‘Vape Tongue’ and you need to try other flavours or re hydrate .


B: You’ve bought brand new E Liquid which is so fresh the flavours haven’t quite matured yet. This article will give you advice on the latter.

Bonka Juice
Bonka juice make cool hit, fruit infused blend with a 60%VG 40%PG ratio. This particular way of blending means steep time requirements are kept to a minimum. You can basically go ahead and just expect these to Vape well straight away from brand new.

How do you make sure you’re always getting the very best out of your Juice ?

Well, it’s very simple actually. Buy your Juice ahead of when you expect to have to use it. Two weeks should do for most flavours.

Then when you get them home, open the seal and let some air in. Your juice is gonna need a little oxygen to help with the next phase of maturing your Flavours. This is called “breathing” or “Streething”.

If you have a precision spout on a plastic E Liquid bottle, then gently squeeze the bottle to evacuate the excess air , taking care not to squeeze so hard as to push any liquid out. If your bottle is a glass bottle with a dripper lid, then simply remove the lid to allow to breath. Breathing should only need to be done for a minimum of a few minutes to a maximum of three days. Creamy flavours need longer as do Tobaccos but fruit and mint flavour only need a little.

Once you are satisfied that the air inside the bottle has been refreshed , close the bottle back up and give it a thorough shake. This will get the oxygen moving through the liquid via the bubbles it produces. Store your liquid in a cool, dry and dark cupboard or drawer. Keep them under lock and key and away from children and pets.

Repeat this breathing and streething process for up to three days, once or twice a day.

Now Onto Steeping

Now the hard part….Steeping.

Leave it alone in that cool, dry ,dark safe storage area for two to three weeks and avoid the temptation. At the end of this period you should notice a darker colour to your liquid (not the same colour as when you leave it in the sun). This is the oxygen binding to the flavour and nicotine content. It is a result of the process that helps to stabilize your E Liquid making each flavour note easier to taste. Be sure to give it a shake before use as some flavours can settle to some degree when left tpo stand for long enough.

Most E Liquids take time to ship , up to 3 weeks in fact. So you may not have to leave your juice steeping too long. As a general guide, if it has a vacuum seal all around the bottle and cap then it will need more steeping. If the juice has a high Vegetable Glycerine content, then it will also require longer steeping. Not all flavours will achieve the same results through steeping. Fruit flavours generally perform well straight from the factory. Tobacco takes a little while to develop, as do desserts , especially ones with cream or custard bases. Menthols also perform pretty well from new.

It’s a bit of an art and takes time to get to know your juices and how much attention they require. Just remember that the propylene Glycol content of your liquid is the better flavour carrier , so the higher the PG content the easier it should be to taste all the elements. Therefore the lower the steep time you may need to invest . Vaping high VG fluids tends to require more effort on the user’s end to extract¬†flavour performance .

Happy and Safe Vaping to you all and enjoy the Journey.