Two Ways To Pair Up Great Devices For A Fantastic Vape

Two Ways To Pair Up Great Devices For A Fantastic Vape

If you’re the type of Vaper who’s looking for peak performance and style but you can’t find what you’re looking for in a kit, then this is for you. Sometimes it’s better to put your own kit together. So with that in mind here are two setups that our staff see as two of the best combinations available on the market to suit different needs.

One for people who don’t mind a bigger setup but insist on the very best performance. The other for those want a bit more of a compact setup with as little compromise on performance as possible.

Compact But Punchy

Two Ways To Pair Up Great Devices For A Fantastic Vape

The OBS Cube is compact but features an innovative new battery size. So it’s very efficient and powerful enough to run the average dual parallel coil easily for the entire day. Or you can run a mesh spec coil for slightly less than all day. However it features 1.5A fast charge which means it charges around 50% faster than your average box mod.

Because of these neat features it pairs incredibly well with the Uwell Crown 4 Tank. This is due to the fact that the tank looks amazing on the mod but also because there are three coils specs available for the tank, all of which meet the criteria above. Literally a match made in heaven.  All of those features fit discreetly in the palm of your hand in the most powerful compact setup we’ve tried to date.

No Compromise On Power , Style , Or Flavour

Two Ways To Pair Up Great Devices For A Fantastic Vape

The Voopoo Drag 2 mod produces a very genuine 177 watts which is more than enough for most Vaper’s needs these days. It does so very efficiently by employing the Gene Series chipset which is DNA’s biggest rival in the market place,It features a variety of modes to suit your needs in terms of how you want to deploy the power of the dual 18650 cells sold separately.  We recommend using the Sony VTC5A cells for best performance.

The Best Tank on the market today and the most obvious one to pair with this device is the Falcon Mini and Artisan Series Tanks.  When used with the M1 coil or Triple coil this is simply the best Vape on the market for Direct to Lung Inhale Vapers. There’s just no contest. The only way to top it would be with cutting edge custom builds and drippers. Going this way though gets you 98% of the flavour potential without the hassle of building your own. Particularly with the M1 Coil which is the standout coil type.

Its worth noting that the Triple coil only applies to the Artisan spec tank. Its too big to fit the Resin and Standard Mini models.

Vape Like the Pros …

These two setups are our recommendations not just because of technical reasons but also due to the fact that we have experienced the vape they produce. Our MD uses the OBS CUBE with the Uwell Crown 4 tank and swears by it. Our sales , product and service  training supervisor uses the Drag 2 with the Falcon tank as his everyday vape.  So if they are good enough for two of our “Top Dogs” then you can rest assured we are recommending them to you from a genuine perspective.

Caveat !

If you are a beginner or you use a mouth to lung style Vape that has a tight draw and you use high nicotine strength of 12mg or higher , then these devices are not for you ! At least not yet. So please don’t go down this route unless you have come down the nicotine strengths and understand what Direct to lung vaping is and you are sure you are ready for it .