Vaping Safety – This is NOT my Boom Stick

Vaping Safety – This is NOT my Boom Stick : Ecig and Motion Board Safety Tips for the real world.

It’s pretty easy to these days to be mislead by sensationalist headlines. Scary news sells and business is good.

Most recently , motion boards and Vaping devices have found themselves in the firing line. The headline reading: ”E Cig burns hospitalise local man” or ”Motion Board fire burns house down”. While these events are most certainly true and are not falsified in any way, often key facts are left out and the reporting is shortsighted and one sided.  As a responsible seller of Vaping devices and Motion Boards we have gone to great lengths to test our products to strict UK Electrical safety standards, ensuring that anything that can be done to keep our customers safe has and will be done. However, all of this can easily be undone if our advice is not adhered to regarding safe practice when using and charging devices that have Lithium Ion  or Lithium Polymer based battery chemistry.

Just to be clear, Lithium Ion and Polymer batteries are quite commonplace these days, in fact their most common applications include things like mobile phones, laptops and cordless vacuum cleaners. They are incredibly abundant and as such actually have a fantastic safety record as far as general statistics are concerned. It is up to device manufacturers that utilise them as part of their designs to ensure that adequate safety features are in place to protect the end user , which almost all of them do as it is in their best interest to keep their customers happy and safe. That being said, it is impossible to completely guarantee that every single component in a device will be manufactured 100% within tolerance on a factory line producing thousands of units a day.


Read Your product Manual !

Manufacturers are well aware that their products can and will develop the occasional fault. Most of us think of a manufacturing defect as something that is detrimental to performance, but this can also apply to things like short circuit protection circuits on a PCB or over charge protection circuits. To this end you will usually find the words: ”Do Not charge over night or whilst unattended ” somewhere in your product manual. You may also see warnings that say things like : ” do not discharge your battery below 2.6 volts” or ”Do not exceed the maximum charge of 4.2 volts”. These warnings are important and are not put in the manual for the fun of it. The amount of times our sales staff have instructed customers to only use the supplied charger with the compatible equipment , only to have the customer return saying that their battery burnt out whilst charging it, and when asked, it turned out that they had used their iPhone charger which supplied a completely inappropriate level of charge at an inappropriate rate to their E Cig battery. Thankfully in these instances the over charge protection did its job,the fuses on the PCB burnt out  as intended and prevented the batteries from venting (A process of runaway instability that can cause an explosive flare ).

What if that circuit had been faulty, and what if that customer had been asleep ? Could it have burnt their house down with them in it ? Most certainly yes. So do not something that the manufacturer and retailer have specifically said not to do.

Innokin Authenticity Checker
Check Your product’s Authenticity Wherever possible.

Product packaging and Manuals also allow the user to check authenticity of the product. If a deal seems too good to be true , it usually is. Buying authentic products means you are getting a product that has not had corners cut during the production and assembly phase of it’s life, and also helps protect the original manufacturer’s and designer’s intellectual property. This in turn promotes a healthier industry which encourages better and brighter talent into these design positions resulting in even better quality products for the end user. Look after your device, don’t expose it to needless drops, keep it out of the reach and effect of children and pets. If like the motion board, it is intended for the use of children over a certain age as well as adults, please only let them use it under supervision. We’re not saying you have to stare at them while they play, but keep an eye out from time to time and stay within earshot, in case they go out into the street where they could get hit by a car or they say something like : ”I smell something burning”. Its about being able to do something about it while you still can by preventing a situation from escalating .

So for the long term good and health of everyone who vapes or is too lazy to walk from place to place please read and adhere to the advice in your product manual. Listen carefully to the advice of the sales people who serve you. Stick to it and you should have a warm and cuddly safety blanket around you should any of your device’s safety countermeasures fail you.

Don’t let your E Cig or Motion Board turn into a Boom Stick .

If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect your battery is venting (Signs would be excessive heat production, possibly swollen in appearance), do not handle it with your bare skin, use thick rubber gloves and put it outside using a pair of tongs or even long grip pliers as they will put some distance between your body and the cell make sure the ends of the cell are not facing your body. Store temporarily  in a safe place on a substance that cannot be easily set ablaze  such as a concrete patio. To neutralize the lithium based chemistry reaction , you will need approximately 2 litres of water with around half a cup full of salt water dissolved into it. A large plastic bucket will serve as a good container. Put the battery into this solution and leave for a minimum of 8 hours. After this time the battery will be neutralised and it can then be disposed of safely. Lithium chemistry batteries should be taken to your local dump, and not thrown away as part of your normal household garbage collection.

The Rules of battery safety :

. Never Leave batteries to charge overnight or whilst unattended .

.Never use chargers other than the one supplied by your vendor specifically for the intended device.

.Never carry your E Cig in your pocket with other loose metallic items such as coins.

. When your charger says your battery is charged, remove it from the charger…You can’t squeeze more in, that’s not how it works !

. Don’t leave batteries idle to deplete somewhere long forgotten by time like your ‘Man Drawer’. If they are not recharged , they will eventually become unstable.

. Lithium chemistry Batteries last for approximately 300 charge cycles, if you charge once per day, that’s less than a year’s worth. Dispose of them correctly when they reach this age. They will be accepted at your local Dump, ask the attendant and he/ she will point you to the battery bin. 

. If you build your own coils, please pretty please : Use your ohms reader and test for shorts before use, and know the amp limit of your batteries – Ohm’s Law is THE LAW !  – If you don’t know what I’m on about , you shouldn’t be building .-