What does VG and PG Actually Mean ?

What does VG and PG Actually Mean ?

E Liquids are generally comprised of four main elements:

  1. Flavour concentrates. These are derived from food grade and medical grade flavourings that are considered safe for inhalation. This is possible because they are not being burned, only vapourised. Similar in effect to the steam that comes off your kettle when it boils, but flavoured .
  2. Nicotine, which is not necessarily present in all E Liquid. The level which is present is entirely up to the user and can be chosen at the time of purchase. Again, this must be medical grade in order to be fit for sale.Nicotine levels that are recommended as a guideline for different users can be found at the end of this article.
  3. Vegetable Glycerin. This is the component that produces the smoke like vapour. This is important for the sensation when first making the switch away from traditional tobacco. It is generally thicker than PG and is not as good a flavour carrier. VG vapes very smoothly but alone can easily be burnt, if not used correctly. Using high VG content juices requires the user to purchase specially adapted equipment. The user is also required to have significant experience with vaping products prior to this move. Some users may experience over production of phlegm using high VG E Liquids, if this is the case we recommend switching to a juice with a higher PG content.
  4. Propylene Glycol is the main flavour carrier in most E Liquids. It also produces the most ‘throat hit’. This can be an important factor for users who are new to vaping having just switched from tobacco. Smaller, more basic devices work well with E Liquids containing high amounts of PG. A small percentage of users may find that they are allergic to the PG Content in E Liquids. In these cases they experience severe coughing to a point that is not tolerable. In these instances we recommend using Juices with a higher VG Content or Juices that offer VG/AG as base fluids.

What does VG and PG Actually Mean ?


What is AG ?

The AG component is essentially purified water. AG/VG fluids can also produce more vapour than PG/VG fluids can offer. AG liquids are rare on the market these days.

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Some E Liquids contain no Nicotine whatsoever. Just flavouring, Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerin .


Smaller tanks with basic construction usually struggle to make good use of High VG Liquids. High powered, Sub Ohm  devices in contrast will exaggerate the throat hit effect of PG.

For basic devices We recommend 50% or higher PG liquids. For advanced devices, we recommend 50% or higher VG liquids. These will be based on whether a tank or kit is suitable for MTL (Mouth to lung inhale) or DTL (Direct to lung inhale).

The devices and liquids on our site feature the Icons to make compatibility easier to manage for customers.

Click here to find out more about MTL and DTL

*Nicotine Strength Guide:

Based on smoker making the switch for the first time:

  • 20 per day + a day smoker = Using MTL Kit or tank= 18mg MTL liquid
  • 10-15 per day Smoker using MTL Kit or tank= 12mg MTL liquid
  • less than 10 cigarettes per day smoker Using MTL kit or tanks = 6mg MTL Liquid

For customers using Sub Ohm Kits or “Cloud Chasing” style kits bearing the DTL icon:

  • 30 Per Day or more Smokers should use liquids displaying  DTL & MTL Icons at 18mg. These can have quite a bit of throat hit so consider a device that features both Icons as well.
  • 20 per day smokers should use DTL or DTL & MTL Icon Liquids in 12mg strength
  • 10 -15 per day Smokers should be aiming for the 6mg DTL Icon Liquids or liquids that display both Icons
  • Customers who have not been smokers for some time and have worked their way down the strengths can also use 3mg liquids. These are typically only available for DTL use. DTL Liquids are typically only available in a Maximum of 12mg, although it is rare. Most are only available in 6mg,3mg and 0mg.

Enjoy vaping responsibly, and keep your E Liquids away from children and Pets. We do not recommend vaping to pregnant or breast feeding women. If you have respiratory or pulmonary health issues , please be sure to consult your GP before trying E Cigarettes .