Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat

Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat ?

If you’ve just got into vaping and asked yourself “Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat ? ” then this article is for you. There are a number of reasons this could be happening and 9 times out of 10 there is a straightforward solution.

Different strokes for different folks

The first thing you need to understand is that there are tonnes of different types of vapes out there. Some devices are built to work with certain types of E Liquids, so a mismatch can cause issues. Before we get into that though, you need to ask yourself what kind of vape you want.

Some people really want a realistic , smoking like experience from their vape. Others prefer a smoother vape that offers bags and bags of flavour. Some prefer a strong nicotine hit and others only need a mild to light nicotine hit.

What kind of device do you prefer ?

Many starter users prefer a smaller and more discreet device. Sometimes men prefer something “boxy” and more masculine looking. Women have a tendency to gravitate towards pen styled devices. The trouble is, if you shop based entirely on looks then its very likely you’ll run into a compatibility issue later on. So if you want it to work like a cigarette does, you can generally make do with a starter kit. Particularly if its suitable for MTL or mouth to lung inhale method.

Here’s an example and it does come in black and silver as well:

Endura T18E Tight Draw Kit by Innokin

If you’re focused on a smoother Vape or have had issues with your throat hurting then there are a number of things you can try.

Smoothing out a starter Kit

The throat hit and chest hit in a starter kit are mainly determined by the liquid being used with the Kit. Our Ziggicig Classic lIquids for example are formulated to replicate the throat and chest hit of traditional cigarettes quite closely.So they pack a bit of a punch. They are however different from smoking so some people can find them harsh and some not.

Ziggicig Classic E Liquids. Our top selling E Liquid line , popular with beginners.

The first thing to know about these liquids is that they are high PG liquids. PG and VG make up the liquid solution. The PG adds throat and chest hit. You can find out more about VG and PG here.

Nicotine Level

You can reduce the throat hit of these liquids considerably by dropping the nicotine content. Nicotine when its freebase nicotine adds a lot of throat hit. In fact its the main source of this sensation. However by simply dropping the nicotine you may make things more comfortable, but you may not get the hit you need. If that’s the case then you need to look at a liquid that uses Nic Salts. For starter kits it must be at least 50%pg in order to work with most starter kits. Nic Salts are not actually salts but they resemble salts under a microscope. They basically deliver better nicotine absorption but with little to no throat hit. These are state of the art, new liquids just hitting the market recently.

Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat
Ohm Brew 50/50 Nic Slats Liquids are offering high strength E liquids that produce little to no throat irritation.


In a very small percentage of cases extreme coughing and irritation can occur when trying vaping. This can be caused by allergic reaction to either the flavouring or the PG (Propylene glycol). If it’s the flavouring then most likely it’ll be the tobacco flavouring or fruit flavouring. These are generally nut based, so this is why those with nut allergies may suffer irritation from them. Try using mint or menthol based flavours to overcome this. You should see a dramatic difference immediately.

If it’s the PG content then you can explore high VG content liquids. To use them you will have to go up a stage in the type of hardware you are using. VG liquids are made for what is known as a “sub ohm” device. These devices are primarily designed for Direct To Lung inhale method. They also use much lower nicotine content. You can find out about Sub Ohm strength selection in our FAQ’s . VG is smoother by nature and produces the visible vapour that you see from E Cigs.

To use High VG liquids you could explore a sub ohm Starter Kit Like this :

Aspire Pockex Kit

Throat hit with more advanced devices

You may use a high powered device like myself. Perhaps you vape a 6mg High VG liquid for thick plumes of tasty vapour for Direct To Lung Inhale method. Now sometimes you may find that you get undesired throat hit from certain types of E Liquid. We often hear people say “I vape at 100 watts”. This is wrong. You should set the power relative to the liquid and coil you are using. Not to a predetermined setting that you simply like the sound of. It may only mean a 5 watt adjustment up or down but it can make a substantial difference.

Why does my E Cig Hurt My Throat
I have my mod set to 120 watts to match my coil type and Liquid selection for Today. It’s not always the same dependant on flavour and coils. Click this link if your interested in variable output devices…

Under Dispersed Liquid

Many people presume that if they feel throat irritation the power on their adjustable device must be set too high. When in fact its often the opposite that is true. If the coil is underpowered , you will not sufficiently disperse the E Liquid. This concentration of vapour can cause significant irritation. Also, not all PG and VG are made the same. So an 80%VG blend from the USA can vary in viscosity somewhat from one made in the UK.

So, the best thing to do is set your power for that particular liquid. If its still intolerable then you may have to drop your nicotine levels. If you’re using shortfills then look into getting Nic Salts based Nic Shots for your shortfills and that will improve things significantly. Take care to make only incremental power adjustments and never exceed the manufacturers guidelines for the coil you are using. They will be printed on the side of the coil.

If you’re using custom built coils or pre-wrapped custom coils , then you probably know these things. If not, then it’ll be food for thought when it comes to you next build.

To summarise the most important elements for excessive throat hit:

  • Check your VG PG ratio (Higher VG is smoother but generally not compatible with MTL devices)
  • Do you have a flavour or PG allergy. Try a mint flavour to eliminate that cause. If not , try high VG liquids with a compatible device.
  • Check your Nicotine Level
  • Check your coil resistance and match your power level to that and increase as needed until the liquid smooths out.
  • Look into Nicotine salts for a massive boost in smoothness.
  • Check and see your coil is flooded or your tank is “gurgling” This restricts airflow and causes under dispersion . Clear and clean any blockages in the air inlets of the tank or replace the coil if it floods for no reason.

Hopefully that will help you nail down what the root cause is and take adequate steps so you can enjoy a smooth and rewarding vape .Good Luck 😉 Oh and make sure to stay hydrated . Vaping dehydrates you so keep yourself topped up !