Why E Cigs Dont Like Hand Bags And Pockets

Why E Cigs Dont Like Hand Bags And Pockets

Why pray tell does this article have such an insipid headline you may ask ? To avoid user disappointment and or bodily harm. So Listen up !

Back in the day we used to, as retailers issue stern warnings to users not to carry E Cigs in their pockets and handbags. We used to stress that because there were often loose metal objects in those environments that they could potentially interfere with the electrical components of your E Cig and cause a potential short circuit  scenario that would destroy your battery.  That scenario mostly applied to mechanical mod devices. These days as devices with safety protection circuits built in have short circuit protection.

However, just because your car now has air bags , doesn’t mean its a good idea to drive too fast or to have a crash.

Still not seeing the danger here ?

That’s not surprising as most people wouldn’t, so don’t feel bad.

A quick refresher on how E Cigs work will illuminate this discussion.  Your E cig uses electrical power to heat a resistor which then vaporizes your e liquid.  To do this is has to hit at least a couple hundred degrees to take into account the cooling effect of the liquid itself and the airflow which is why it doesn’t burn you..

The 10 second rule

All E Cig devices that have a chip and software set have a 10 second output cut-off feature. This is there to protect from over discharging of the battery in a single puff. This is to make sure you never damage the battery accidentally resulting in a battery venting scenario (exploding battery).  This does not protect you from burning other objects accidentally with your E Cig though as one user recently discovered.

Why E Cigs Dont Like Hand Bags And Pockets
Exhibit A . This user left their 100 watt mod in their handbag without disarming it. What you’re seeing here is drip tip made of Delrin that has been melted beyond recognition.

Delrin is heat resistant isn’t it ?

Yes it is, but only to a certain temperature point beyond which it becomes unstable and melts like any other plastic. You come nowhere near that temperature point during normal operating conditions using your  E Cig.  So what happened to allow the drip tip to melt and therefore burn and melt some of the content’s of the user’s hand bag ?

5 clicks to rule them all …

Did you ever wonder why you can turn on or turn off any Chip Equipped E cIg with 5 clicks ?  Some devices are 3 clicks sure, but the majority are 5. That’s not important. What is important is that its a sequence of clicks within a 2 second time window. That’s because the odds of your handbag,  pocket lining, or objects therein activating this sequence at random whilst walking or sitting on the bus are probably lower than winning the lottery. It’s there to protect you from activating your atomizer’s resistor  again and again during transit while your E Cig is stowed away.

So all the while this user was commuting, their mod was being fired because it was left in an armed state and the power button was being depressed by objects lying on top of it. 10 second cut-off after 10 second cut-off occurred, so the battery was in no danger of “going bang” but the poor drip tip didn’t know what hit it.

That’s because there was no vapour being extracted, so the liquid was not cooling the tank and nor was the airflow. The result was that the excessive heat was transferred through the metal components and into the drip tip which effectively had no choice but to boil.


Why E Cigs Dont Like Hand Bags And Pockets
As you can see here, the device itself was pretty much unharmed. Pretty good considering the entire thing is made from non-heat resistant plastic as it’s designed to be a light weight mod with interchangeable cover designs.

Lessons Learned

So the biggest thing to take away from this is to make use of the 5 click or 3 click arm and disarm feature. When you stow your E Cig away, be absolutely certain to turn it off to prevent accidental activation.

At the very least it will protect your coil from damage and save you money in the long run. At its most severe though it will protect all the contents of your handbag , your leg or bum cheek from a severe plastic burns. It’s not a hard action to perform and only takes 2 seconds to do. So there really aren’t a lot of excuses for failing to do it. There are even product manuals that specifically go out of their way to warn you never to leave devices turned on in bags and pockets.

So make that your next good habit and enjoy your vape safely.