Why Vaping Matters: Cathy’s story

Meet Cathy! She switched to vaping 3 years ago and shares with us some of the changes she has noticed since switching.

Meet Cathy
How long did Cathy smoke cigarettes?

Cathy started smoking at age 11 and continued for 20 years. She ended up smoking both conventional cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

What has Cathy noticed most since switching to vaping?

With no hesitation, Cathy says money! Cathy tells us she has went from spending £100 a week on tobacco to just £10 a week on e-liquids. An amazing difference! As a result of having an extra £90 a week or £360 a month, Cathy has been able to get two different tattoos that she has wanted to get done for some time. On top of this, she is putting the rest of her savings towards her wedding which is coming up in 2024.

Has Cathy noticed anything else?

Cathy told us that when smoking tobacco, she coughed all the time and had some difficulties with her breathing. Both issues have improved significantly since she switched to vaping.

What device and liquid does June use?

June uses the Aspire CE5-s clearomizer and pairs this with the Green Sound 2200mAh eGo battery.

Aspire CE5-S Clearomiser

The Aspire CE5-S clearomizer is a basic tank design made to a high standard for mouth to lung vapers. It uses a straightforward push pull drip tip arrangement, is bottom filled and bottom coiled.

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The Green Sound eGo battery features a 510 eGo compatible connection and provides a long battery life. Super simple to use, just press the fire button 5 times to switch on and the same to switch off.

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Cathy current favourite liquid is Sensation X from the Ohm Brew Balanced Blend range.

Balanced Blends Sensation X

One of the most popular blends from Ohm Brew’s Baltic Blends range which delivers on all fronts. Deep, rich, and fulfilling menthol flavour that satisfies day in and day out.

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At Ziggicig, we are here to help you choose the suitable device, the right e-liquid, and the right strength for you to aid you in getting started with your vaping journey. Call us on 028 9560 7313 if you need help choosing your device, e-liquid and/or nicotine strength and any other questions you may have.