Why Vaping Matters: Ian’s Story

Meet Ian, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service specialist in our Larne store. This week, he shares Why Vaping Matters to him and how it has impacted him positively.

Ian switched to vaping 4 years ago. The main reason was to improve his health; his lungs were constantly congested and wheezy before switching. Now, he feels that his health has improved since then.

Why Switch?

A More Effective NRT

It can be challenging to stop smoking as it is a physical and psychological addiction. Nicotine patches & gum deliver nicotine to the body, however, it fails to replicate the throat hit, which vaping provides and so mimic's the conventional cigarette smoke. Also, vaping allows the user to continue to hold something in their hand.

We believe that vaping puts the power in your hands. With the option to choose from 0mg to 18mg of nicotine strength, depending on your requirement, the ability to control your throat hit, the variety of batteries with varying capacity available, and many more options in comparison to traditional methods of smoking. Therefore, there is a greater chance that those who use vaping to quit smoking will manage to stay tobacco-free, making vaping a very successful nicotine replacement therapy (NTR).

Breathing in even a little tobacco smoke can be harmful as 250 of the 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke is known to be harmful, such as ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. E-liquid on the other hand only contains a few ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), water, flavouring and nicotine. Research highlights that vaping is 95% healthier than traditional cigarettes. This is one of the reasons why vaping matters to Ian and he is already feeling the benefits of switching to vaping.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need any help, and our team will be more than happy to make sure that your switch journey is a breeze!


Cost is another reason Why Vaping Matters to Ian. A packet of cigarettes has gone up by 88p this year, increasing the cost to £13.60. Smoking one pack every day would amount to a staggering £4,964 a year.

Smoking Cost (Based on 1 packet per day)

1 Day - £13.60

1 Week - £95.20

1 Month - £408.00

1 Year - £4,964.00

Vaping Cost (Based on Daily usage)

6 Months - £24.99 (Beginner Device - Innokin Endura T18E Kit)

1 Year - £50 (Lifespan per device is 6 months)


1 Month - £10.50 (Based on 3 coils a month)

1 Year - £126


1 Week - £12 (Based on four 10ml bottles)

1 Month - £52

1 Year - £624

Vaping Annual Total: £800

Total savings: £4,164

Imagine what you can enjoy with the savings!

Check out Ian's current favourite device, the VooPoo Argus Pod Kit. A powerful 40W intermediate device with 1500mAh built-in battery. He really enjoys using this pocketable kit that fulfils his daily needs.

Why Vaping Matters - Ian's Device Choice - VooPoo Argus Pod Kit

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This is why vaping matters to Ian. Now share the story of your switch journey and why vaping matters to you.

At Ziggicig, we are here to help you choose the suitable device, the right e-liquid, and the right strength for you to aid you in getting started with your vaping journey. Call us on 028 9560 7313 if you need help choosing your device, e-liquid and/or nicotine strength and any other questions you may have.