Why Vaping Matters: Jamie’s Story

Meet Jamie, one of our fantastic Customer Service Specialists in Ziggicig! This month, he shares with us 3 reasons why he switched to vaping 1 year ago!

Meet Jamie


Jamie has recently dived into the fitness world by hitting the gym. He has decided to switch to improve his health and performance. Since switching, he feels way better.

You're inhaling over 7,000 dangerous toxins into your body by lighting up a cigarette. Vaping only delivers nicotine by heating e-liquid eliminating 95% of the harmfulness caused by smoking.

Remember, if you don't smoke, don't start. Vape only to quit smoking.

Why Vaping Matters - Jamie Health


Who likes to smell like an ashtray? The unpleasant cigarette smell remains one of the critical reasons people decided to switch. The same applies to Jamie. He has been using vaping as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and is slowly cutting down on it. Now, he considers himself a social vaper and has eliminated the smell issue, feeling more confident socially.

Cigarette smoke coats a carcinogenic residue on everything it touches, emitting that smoky odour. The lingering cigarette odour is released from your body both inside & out, including your hair, skin, mouth and clothes.

The only permanent solution is to stop smoking totally.

Options, Options, Options

Why Vaping Matters - Jamie Options, Options, Options

Jamie's current favourite e-liquid is the Ohm Brew Badass Blends Raspberry Sorbet. He enjoys trying out the flavours the Ohm Brew ranges we carry.

Fun fact

Did you know that we have a group of chemists in-house that develop and test all our Ohm Brew e-liquids? We ensure you get the best possible flavour and quality from us.

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Jamie's Vaping Choice

Why Vaping Matters - Jamie's Choice - VOOPOO Drag 3

Jamie is a fan of the Drag range and has always used them. His current device is the VooPoo Drag 3. With great power comes great taste and cloud!

Available in 5 colours

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Check out Jamie's Why Vaping Matters video

At Ziggicig, we are here to aid you in getting started with your vaping journey. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing your device, e-liquid and nicotine strength.