Why Vaping Matters: Ronnie’s Story

Meet Ronnie! He switched to vaping 15 years ago and tells us all about the benefits he has noticed.

Why Vaping Matters - Meet Ronnie
What was his experience of smoking cigarettes?

Ronnie smoked 40-50 cigarettes a day. This took a massive tole on his breathing.

What is his experience of switching to vaping?

Ronnie jokes that he didn’t realise he had taste buds! He told me that since he made the switch to vaping, he’s now tasting food he’s never tasted before. He’s found a new passion for exploring different foods, as he can now actually enjoy the new taste experience. He said it wasn’t long until people could be smoking around him, and it wouldn’t bother him at all.

Ronnie’s advice for someone thinking of switching?

“Get on to it as quickly as possible; do not hesitate!” It took Ronnie about 4 days to become familiar with the taste and sensation of vaping, but he hasn’t touched another cigarette since, which is over 15 years! Ronnie says Vaping matters to him and his whole family.

What device and liquid does Ronnie use?

Ronnie uses the Xlim Pod Kit by OXVA.

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit

The Xlim Pod Kit is an ergonomic option with a compact build that easily fits into your pocket. You can vape whenever you choose, thanks to the 900mAh battery that is made to last up to a whole day even when used at the 25W maximum

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Ronnie pairs this with Blue Mix Nic Salt E-Liquid by Ohm Brew Slush Brew.

Blue Mix Nic Salt E-Liquid by Ohm Brew Slush Brew

Veer off in Blue Slush – there’s a new blueberry raspberry blend in the house. The bold blueberry and tart raspberry notes are tasted throughout, finished with cool icy menthol. Brewed in Belfast.

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At Ziggicig, we are here to help you choose the suitable device, the right e-liquid, and the right strength for you to aid you in getting started with your vaping journey. Call us on 028 9560 7313 if you need help choosing your device, e-liquid and/or nicotine strength and any other questions you may have.