Why Vaping Matters: Tracy’s story

Meet Tracy! She switched to vaping 5 years ago and shares her experience since switching.

Meet Cathy

What made Tracy want to switch to vaping?

Tracy switched to vaping due to both the expense of cigarettes as well as the toll smoking was taking on her health. As an asthmatic, Tracy knew smoking cigarettes was making her condition worse. Tracy found that when trying to quit smoking cold turkey, she would substitute the hand-to-mouth action of smoking with eating which would cause her to gain weight.

What has Tracy noticed most since switching to vaping?

Tracy tells me that she feels a lot better generally and that her asthma hasn’t been as bad as it was when she was still smoking. She is now able to be more active at the gym and feels her breathing and cardio has greatly improved meaning she now actually enjoys the gym rather than dread it!

How much does Tracy spend on vaping?

Tracy spends around £60 per month. This covers her liquids and replacement coils. Tracy told me that 20 cigarettes would rarely last her more than one day, at a cost of approximately £13 per packet so the difference in cost is incredible. If she had continued to smoke tobacco, it would add up to around £390 per month, as opposed to the £60 she spends on vaping.

What device and liquid does June use?

Tracy uses the Innokin Endura T18X.


This vape kit is a simple and reliable option that’s been designed for new vapers and anyone looking for something that’s easy to use. An upgrade to the earlier T18 kits, the T18X is powered by a 1000mAh built-in battery and features faster charging.

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Tracy uses the Ohm Brew Balanced Blends range of 10ml nic salt liquids. This range consists of 44 flavours, providing a massive selection to suit all tastes and includes flavours such as Strawberry Storm.

Meet Cathy

A summer trip into a strawberry field. Pick the fresh fruits from the blooming field and enjoy the mellow flavours of this poetic E Liquid.

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