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The Clik Sub Ohm Compact Kit is perfect for the first-time user who wants a lot of vapour. It’s also a great option for sub ohm users who are interested in a good stealth vape or backup vape. Clik Sub Ohm Compact Kit provides a smooth vape using temperature control coils in prefilled cartridges. This means you get a perfect vape from these cartridges every time.

How Does It Work?

The cartridges are currently available in Tobacco and Menthol in 12mg, 6mg and 3mg. The 12mg, appeals to the regular smoker switching to vaping. The 6mg to the light smoker or experienced Vaper. Then, the 3mg is aimed towards the more advanced vaper who may have long since left smoking behind. The Liquid used features 70% Vg content for a smooth and satisfying exhale with plenty of vapour. Simply ‘Clik’ the Cartridge into place and you’re ready to Vape.

Battery drain indication: Above the power button. 4 Blue LED lights.

How long to charge: 2.5 hours.

Charge indication: 4 LEDs Indicates Above (80%)

3 LEDs Indicates Between (50-79%)

3 LEDs Indicates Between (20-49%)

1 LED indicates Less than (20%)

Battery Size: 1500mAh

Maximum Battery Output: 4.2V

Battery On/Off function: 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off.

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Wed 29 Jan 2020
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