Innokin Endura T18 2 and T18 2 Mini
Innokin T18 II Mini Kit

Product Info

Innokin’s T18E kit still is one of the most popular Starter Kits available today. Innokin T18 V2 Starter Kit builds on this success of the original with new and improved features.

New Features

  • Newly added airflow control feature.
  • Magnetic top cap to keep drip tip clean.
  • 3 variable wattage power functions.
  • Larger battery capacity. (1300mAh)

How Does It Work?

The T18v2 operates the same way as the original, the tank is top fill, meaning that eliquid can be filled without tank removal. The battery can be turned on by clicking the button 3 times. Hold this button down to operate. To change between power function, hold down the power button when the device is turned off. This will cycle through from left to right, to select let go off power button when on preferred power level.

Battery drain indication: LEDs below airflow will indicate charge level. 1 light flashing means recharge.

How long to charge: 2/3 hours.

How long will a charge last: Moderate vapers should find their device lasting a day

Charge indication: Full charge – All 3 LEDs illuminated

Wattage indication and charge level

Half charge – 2 LEDs illuminated

Recharge – 1 LED illuminated

Battery Size: 1300mAh

Battery On/Off function: 3 clicks on, 3 clicks off.

Battery Wattages: 10.5W, 12W and 13.5W

Set up procedure

To get starter with the T18 Mini is really straight forward:

To fill the tank simply unscrew the top of the tank