Innokin Proton Kit
Innokin Proton Kit

Product Info

The Innokin Proton kit (235w) is a high-performance box mod with a joystick style controller and a 1.45″ TFT colour screen display. This box mod features a brand new 235w chipset, a large and ergonomic side firing bar and comes complete with the SCION-2 sub-ohm tank which utilities the new Innokin Plexus Coil. The kit comes complete with the new SCION II, featuring a sliding top-fill cap and a brand-new coil option, the Plexus coil. The Innokin Plexus Coil is a mesh panel coil that guarantees longevity and superior flavour compared to the conventional coil.

Hint: 2x 18650 batteries are required to power this device and are sold separately

Battery drain indication: LCD display screen.

How long to charge: 4-6 hours internal charge time

Charge indication: on screen display

Battery Size: 2x 18650s (generally around 5000mah)

Maximum Battery Output: 235W

Battery Power Modes: Wattage, TC, Bypass & Memory mode.

Battery On/Off function: 3 Clicks on, 3 clicks off

Set up procedure

How Does It Work?

Remove the battery and slide the base panel forward to reveal the battery housing. Take 2 18650’s and install. 3 clicks turns the device on and the menu screen is displayed. To set up the scion 2 tank the following steps must be taken. Take the tank and screw anti clockwise to separate the coil from tank air chamber. This will allow you to remove the glass from the tank. At this point it must be noted that the O-rings will still be attached to the glass. In order to reinstall the glass, the O-rings must be fitted back to the tank. This will allow you to prime the coil and reassemble the tank with the boxed 5ml bubble glass if the customer desires.

Hardware Accessories

Innokin Scion 2 Tank
Innokin Scion 2 Tank
Innokin Scion Coil
Innokin Scion Coil
Innokin Proton Replacement Glass
Innokin Proton Replacement Glass
Innokin Plexus Coil
Innokin Plexus Coil

Manufactures Guide

Innokin Proton Scion User Manual
Wed 29 Jan 2020
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    Proton Kit Auto Firing

    This according to Innokin if this issue develops and the device starts auto firing it is grounds for a manufactures warranty return.

    Batteries loose inside proton Mod

    It’s not the batteries. If you look closely you’ll see the three screws that hold the bottom of the Proton (the part with the battery door) have most likely broken free of the plastic thread posts that hold them. Its normally caused when the device has been dropped.

    “High Battery Voltage” screen fault

    This is cause by an internal firmware issue. This issue cannot be resolved and is covered under Innokin's 90 day limited warranty.