Smok RPM 40 Pod Kit
Smok RPM 40 Pod Kit

Product Info

The Smok RPM 40 is ideal for intermediate users and advanced users looking for punchy performance in a compact, stylish and lightweight package.

This kit packs a lot of flavour into each puff using the recommended Mesh coil pods. It's easy to live with day by day offering convenience and easy accessibility.

Set up procedure

Simply select your preferd Pod . Open the orange rubber tab and fill with E Liquid to desired level. Close the rubber seal, and allow to stand upright for five minutes to allow the liquid to soak into the cotton wicks.

Click the Pod into the device and press the power button 5 times rapisly to turn on. You can use the up and down keys to select the desired wattage. Be sure to stay within the recommended settings for your pod type.

Press and hold the power button and draw on the mouthpice to Vape.

Hardware Accessories

Smok RPM Mesh Coil
Smok RPM Mesh Coil
Smok Nord 2 Replacement RPM Pod
Smok Nord 2 Replacement RPM Pod

Manufactures Guide

Smok RPM40 User Manual
Fri 04 Sep 2020
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  • Common Issues for the Smok RPM 40Show

    The most common issue for the RPM 40 is condensation build up in the socket used to mount the Pod to the device.

    A build up of liquid condensate is this area can cause the connection pins inside the socket to become jammed down. So then they fail to make a connection to the coil fit inside the pod.

    To aleviate this, clean the socket out with dry tissue on a regular basis so that the condensate never build up enough to pool in this area.

    To free up stuck pins , simply squirt a small amount of electrical contact cleaner or use a lubricant such as WD 40 . Spray a minimal amount onto the contact pins and use a flat head screw driver to actuate (move) the pins up and down several times within their housing. This will clean the spring loaded mechnism for each pin and they should then perform correctly.