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The Vigor Pod Style Starter Vape Kit is the best basic e cig starter kit to come along for ages. Due to its superb ease of use, quality of flavour and discreet size, it’s a natural choice. Particularly for those just getting started with E Cigs.

How Does It Work?

Included in the box is the Vigor power unit. A self-contained battery system measuring around 1.5cm across and 11.5cm tall. Also included are 3 flavour cartridges or “pods” in 18mg strength. You simply remove the rubber shipping caps, insert a flavour Pod into the pen and take a draw. It really couldn’t be easier.

Battery drain indication: 4 LED Lights at side of vigor.

How long to charge: ¾ hour.

Full charge indication: 4 Green LED lights indicate full charge.

How long does each cart last: Equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Roughly one day each.

What’s the battery’s life expectancy: Average 300 charge cycles.

Battery Size: 340mAh

Battery On/Off function: Battery is turned on when the user draws on the cart. Once the user is finished their draw the device automatically shuts off.

Charge indication: 4 LEDs Indicates Above (80%)

3 LEDs Indicates Between (50-79%)

3 LEDs Indicates Between (20-49%)

1 LED indicates Less than (20%)

Manufactures Guide

Eson Vigor Manual English V1 1
Wed 29 Jan 2020
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  • No Vapour produced but battery is chargedShow

    Try removing the pod and cleaning the connectors on the base of the Pod and the socket that the Pod clicks into. Also be sure to insert the Pod in it's correct orientation.