Will the UK revoke TPD legislation over Vaping thanks to the NHS ?

Will the UK revoke TPD legislation over Vaping thanks to the NHS ?

In the face of health official’s recent statements regarding vaping, will the UK revoke TPD legislation over Vaping thanks to the NHS ? We’e seen some evidence this might actually come to pass.

Will the UK revoke TPD legislation over Vaping thanks to the NHS ?
In May of 2016 the UK came into line with EU Legislation and implemented one of the most strict interpretations of the Tobacco Products Directive as pertaining to E Cigs , based on little to no scientific data.

Why Change Now ?

The two main reasons for legislators looking to revoke both clauses that grant the legislation enforcement power over Vaping are :

  • The Royal college of Physicians  effectively claiming that E Cigs were up to 95% less harmful than smoking. The report can be found Here. This came out in the same year the legislation, which many in the industry who welcomed regulation, felt was misguided at best.
  • Some regular readers of this blog may remember a video featured here earlier this year. The video was a BBC televsion report on E cigarettes. The show notable featured an NHS representative publicly recommending that they move to enable prescription of E Cigs in cases where other means of quitting had been exhausted.
  • The third reason is Brexit. It looks as though the UK is now in a mind set that there are things that can be done if we are intending to break away from the EU. The focus seems very much to be able to make law as we see fit for our own territory but to negotiate for open trade and travel within reason. With that in mind it seems there are politicians who most likely believe that a bill to revoke TPD directives 6 and 7 which govern the Vaping industry has a chance to succeed now, where it would not have in the past. The proposed Bill which has recently emerged can be found here.

How will this affect the Vaping community ?

At this point anything we say or presume is purely speculation. However there have always been several points of consternation over the current regulations from the industry experts.

    • Claims regarding potential Health benefits. Industry expert John Dunne recently argued that if the NHS could make positive health benefit claims then surely so should the Vaping community experts. This includes retailers who are currently banned from doing so.
    • The strength limitations on E Liquids may be eased to some degree. The NHS currently has patches and gums available up to 24mg dosage levels. So this may mean Vaping’s upper limit is brought inline with the NHS. Although newer Liquids technologies may have already circumvented these limitations to some degree (Nic Salts).
    • The 10ml Bottle size limits we hope will go. Surely the number one most frustrating regulation for Europe’s Vapers. Particularly beginners and intermediate users of high  and medium strength liquids.
    • The 2ml Tank size limit has and always will be a point of tension between the current regs and users. All its served to do is set back tank development by two years and cause general day to day inconvenience.
Shortfills were introduced to help advanced users find useful hacks and workarounds for the bottle size limitations placed on them by TPD.However beginners were left in the cold. So much of Vaping’s effectiveness is about its perceived Value for Money. Without it many people relapse back onto cigarettes.

Some things will never change.

There will be certain points which we feel will still be regulated and if legislators do their Jobs well they may look something like our list:

  • Strict scrutiny on E Liquid content in terms of flavour compounds and Nicotine quality should remain. The long term health impact should still be monitored so that the industry can continue to improve and develop with the public’s best interests in mind. Some kind of Strength cap would surely be in place,but perhaps somewhat more lenient.
  • The legal age limit is unlikely to drop from 18 years of age. We feel this should be 16 years of age as many teenagers take up smoking from as young as 14 years. So perhaps there is a way to encourage earlier intervention via harm reduction through Vaping. The reason we believe this won’t happen is that at this early stage of cigarette addiction public health will be better placed to justify the use of gums, inhalers and patches. Only after these means have failed would they then be in a position to prescribe and E cig. Again this is purely speculation as to how we imagine the chips falling.
  • Battery Unit safety will remain. Although it has taken a long time for government to begin to tackle this one , we believe it should be enforced. We all remember the stories of mods catching fire while charging or in pockets. The rate of occurrence seems to have dropped recently which is great. Some of this is surely due to users being better informed on safe operation of these devices. The regulations actually being enforced are also responsible as well, and we as Vapers should acknowledge that positive benefit of regulation.

If you build it, they will come !

Whatever happens it’s good news that this bill has been created. This means there is still constructive debate, so officials recognize the potential of vaping to prevent harm . Clearly they also recognise that prescription by the NHS could be helpful in some circumstances.

It’s also evident from the bill that many feel that  industry experts are best placed to advise consumers. So that means that ethical manufactures and retailers as well as reviewers and pundits are finally being taken seriously. This also backs up the methodology and science behind vaping in a big way.

The most important point is the realisation at top level government that something positive has been built. If they allow it to flourish, rather than stifle its growth then a lot of good can come of it. There is no other harmful industry (Tobacco industry) that has as elegant a solution as Vaping. There’s also no other industry as harmful as the tobacco industry other than perhaps War industry. Although I’m sure Tobacco still does more harm in terms of outright numbers.

As Rip Trippers likes to put it : “Smoking is dead. Vaping is the future, and the future is now.”



Side Note: To the writers of the TPD over in the EU we say this:

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