Collection: Coils & Pods

Explore our 'Coils and Replacement Pods' collection, meticulously curated to preserve the optimum performance and flavour of your vaping device. Our comprehensive range encompasses coils and pods compatible with an array of devices, ensuring your vape remains as efficient as the day you bought it. Whether you're after sub-ohm coils for a fuller vapour experience or standard replacement pods for a consistent, flavour-rich draw, we’ve got you covered. Keep your vaping journey uninterrupted with our top-quality replacements — the essential components for a flawless vape.
  • Replacement Pods

    Replacement Pods are easy-to-use refillable pods allowing for the convenience of filling with your chosen e-liquid.

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  • Prefilled Pods

    Prefilled Pods are ready-to-use pods prefilled with e-liquid, offering convenience and mess-free vaping with easy flavour changes.

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  • Replacement Coils

    Coils, the heating element in vapes, come in various resistances allowing for customisation in flavour intensity and vapour production.

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