Privacy Policy

We promise to meet the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1984. (Amended for GDPR 2016 as of 18-04-2018)

Your privacy and the security of your personal information is our highest priority. ZiggiCig does not disclose your information to third parties. Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned! We would never send you third-party marketing material. We want to provide you the best and easiest online shopping experience possible. In order to do this, we need to gather certain pieces of information from you.

Data required to make purchases from our site – Section 1
All users are prompted to enter a date of birth for age verification purposes in order to comply with the Tobacco Products Directive associated UK and EU Legislation of 2016. Unlike your account data, this is not stored along with any other personal data. A copy of your confirmation will be stored in your own web browser as a cookie so that you do not have to repeat this step every time your shop with us. This is to ensure confirmation that any particular user of our website is over the age of 18 years and therefore legally entitled to be able to purchase goods containing Nicotine from

We ask for your email address and password when you register on the site. You will not need to re-enter your name and address when you return to the site at a later date. We use your email address to confirm your order and to keep you informed of the progress of your order. We also require a contact number as an alternate means of contacting you in the event that you are not contactable via email.

We require a billing address to forward to our payment gateway provider (Viva Wallet Payment Services S.A. Registration number: 900595) for payment security purposes and fraud prevention. Users will be re directed via the checkout button to Viva Wallet’s payment gateway portal. The portal will be supplied by our data base with Billing address and Shipping address information as per the user’s store account. Only at that point will you enter any payment details. Your payment details are not stored at the domain for any reason. Viva Wallet will only store information required to resolve disputes or refund transactions. Viva Wallet will also store your card data for the purposes of authorized automatic repeat payments as required for the Club Ziggi Subscription Model. Additionally, card data is required to be stored by Viva Wallet for the purposes of “one click” checkout functions.

You are free to supply an alternative delivery address for your convenience for your goods to be dispatched to on your account page, but this is optional.

Browser Cookies
This website uses browser cookies in order to verify the age of its users prior to logging in. Cookies are also used for smoother page loading performance. You can remove our cookies from your browser at any time by clearing your browser’s cache. However, if you choose to visit our site again, these cookies will be re-installed to ensure the smooth operation of our site in your chosen browser. As part of our security measures you IP address will be collected and stored once you place an order with ourselves. This is used to verify that the payment originates from the same geographical location as the billing address supplied to us in the account.

Marketing and Our Newsletter – Section 2
The only other occasion when ZiggCig will use your e-mail address is, with your permission, to send you from time to time further information on products and special offers. You do have the option to opt out of receiving our email newsletter at any time. When signing up to our newsletter, you will be required to confirm at each stage your consent to provide your full name , consent and email address. You will also be required to pass and anti-spam security measure so we can ensure your data has not been entered by an automated system or “Bot”.

The Newsletter sign up is operated completely independently from the account page. So, by having an account with us, you are not signed up to our newsletter. Only by consenting to our newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page will you be signed up to our email marketing campaigns. These campaigns are operated directly by Ziggicig using the Mailchimp email plugin platform. Your email address and name are handled in the strictest of confidence. If you wish to opt out of the newsletter you can do so directly from the newsletter email or by visiting out opt out forms below.

In store Loyalty Points Scheme – Section 3
If you shop with us at one of our bricks and mortar locations across Northern Ireland, you may have entered into our Loyalty Card Scheme. This Scheme is operated completely independently from our Loyalty Points Reward Scheme. Our Online and In-store Loyalty Points Reward Scheme now operate as a unified system with users being able to access their account across all platforms online and in store.

For the purposes of issuing your loyalty card or a replacement of said access card we require all participants to provide their full name, residential or postal address and contact number. Due to the updated GDPR regulations, we are required to store evidence of your consent to store this information for the purposes of operating the loyalty scheme.

Failure to consent will result in the deletion of the account and all accrued points as we will no longer be able to verify the identity of the card holder in question.

Opting out of any of our services and Data storage

You have the right to opt out of any of our data storage platforms at any time. You have the right to request deletion of any and all personal data as pertaining to your customer account and or Newsletter marketing request. If you wish to opt out of any of our services that require data storage, then please contact our customer services team by telephone or email.

Telephone: (0044)02895607313

Requesting access to all storage information
You have the right to request at any time all information that we have stored about you on any of our platforms whether they are in store or online at any time. To request a full list of data held by Ziggicig relating to you as a user of any of our platforms or marketing avenues such as the Newsletter please contact our Customer Services Team by Telephone or Email.
Telephone: (0044)02895607313