Cartomizers Or Cigalikes

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The Cigalike Starter Kit Bundle is for the first time Vaper. Due to this device having the same look and feel as a real cigarette, many smokers feel at home with this setup. It even has the warm familiar red glow at the end when you take a puff.

How Does It Work?

The white section of what would normally be filled with tobacco is now a battery that is used for power. Then you have the filter tip section which is the portion containing the E Liquid and Atomizer. Simply screw on the tip or cartridge and take a draw. It really is that easy.

Set up procedure

Setting up these devices couldn't be easier.

Simply open the pack of cartridges. Select one and screw in onto your Starter Kit Battery finger tight. Take care not to over tighten as it will affect the airflow functionality of the device and damage the connection ports.

The device is draw activated, so simply take a long smooth draw and enjoy your Vapour. The Red Light illuminates when you vape.

Battery drain indication: Red LED will flash continually.

How long to charge: 1 hour.

How long will a charge last:

Full charge indication: Battery illuminated whilst charging, will go out when fully charged.

How long does each cart last: Equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Roughly one day each.

What’s the battery’s life expectancy: Average 300 charge cycles.

Battery On/Off function: Battery is turned on when the user draws on the cart. Once the user is finished their draw the device automatically shuts off.

Cartomizers Or Cigalikes

Hardware Accessories

Basic Starter Kit Cartridges 5 pack Menthol
Basic Starter Kit Cartridges 5 pack Menthol
Basic Starter Kit Cartridges 5 pack Tobacco
Basic Starter Kit Cartridges 5 pack Tobacco

Manufactures Guide

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  • Resolving Problems with your Cartomizer Cigalike style VaporizerShow

    These devices are very simple and users seldom experience major issues. However one or two can crop up.

    • The Device won't produce Vapour

    This can be caused by having a cartridge that has run out of E Liquid, if it produces a slightly burnt taste or severely lacks flavorful then this is the likely culprit . If it produces no sound nor vapour check to see if the RED LED illuminates when you take a draw. If it does the device may be faulty and it's worth contacting us for a replacement.

    If however it does not illuminate the cause may be that the battery connector is damaged from over tightening. The positive terminal can be adjusted back to it's original depth in the socket in store by one of our sales and service team.

    • The Device does not charge.

    This issue is also mostly associated with the same sort of over tightening connector damage as outlined above . These can be adjusted in store. However there can be faults and failures that occur with the USB charging dongle as well. If you have a spare battery , then use that with the existing charger to test whether the fault occurs with both batteries. If that is the case then the charger may be damaged or have a fault and will need to be replaced. If not then it is specific to the offending battery.