Innokin Endura T18E
Innokin Endura T18E Kit

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Endura T18E Tight Draw Kit by Innokin has been designed for mouth to lung, tight draw users in mind. (This implies users who have just given up smoking). The kit features a 1000mah battery that has been specifically paired to the Endura 1.5 ohm coils to give you great performance with longer battery life. The Endura is easily recharged by simply swivelling the bottom cap of the battery aside and plugging in via micro USB. The top fill tank is easy to use and produces a warm vapor with great flavour production. Along with the stainless-steel drip tip you also receive a spare plastic drip tip as well as a spare tapered drip tip. So there really are lots of different options to help you feel at home with your new kit.

How Does It Work?

The T18E is a very simple device to use making it perfect for starting out. The tank is top fill, meaning that eliquid can be filled without tank removal. The battery can be turned on by clicking the button 3 times. Hold this button down to operate.

Battery drain indication: Red LED will flash continually.

How long to charge: 2/3 hours.

How long will a charge last: Moderate vapers should find their device lasting a day

Charge indication: Green LED Indicates 70-100%

Amber LED Indicates 20-70%

Red LED Indicates 20-0%

Battery Size: 1000mAh

Battery On/Off function: 3 clicks on, 3 clicks off.

Set up procedure

Setup of the Innokin T18E is relatively straight forward.

Our unboxing video covers all the basic components and filling of the tanks as well as activation of the battery.

  • Up end the tank and unscrew the base by turning it anti clockwise to open it.
  • Fill your E Liquid down the sidewall of the tank avoiding the whole (chimney) in the center.
  • Screw the base back onto the tank
  • Screw the tank finger tight onto the battery
  • Click the power button 3 times rapidly to activate the battery. The Led will flash several times to confirm the activation.
  • Leave to stand for 5 minutes prior to first use.

Hardware Accessories

Innokin Prism Coils For T18E
Innokin Prism Coils For T18E
Tapered 510 swirl Drip Tip
Tapered 510 swirl Drip Tip

Manufactures Guide

Endura t18 manual en
Thu 16 Jan 2020
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    T18E Flashing LED (Any Colour)

    If the LED light flashes at any point during use, it typically indicates a short, or an issue with the coil. Recommend replacing the coil as the easiest solution as it is likely the culprit for the error message. Make sure the coil is seated properly as well. The coil should be flush, press-fit directly through the bottom coil slot. It's probably worth cleaning your 510 connectoras well, as rarely a dirty connection can cause a short error message as well. I recommend a cotton swab with a very light amount of isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the tip.

    T18E Red LED on constantly.

    This is indicating a low voltage fault. There's a slim chance the battery can be saved by leaving it on the charger for an extended period. The battery cell may be at a critically low voltage which is causing a slow charge rate. Try charging it for 12+ hours to see if it holds a better charge. If it doesn't, the battery is severely damaged, and discontinue use of the mod.

    T18E Red Flashing light (8secs)

    Try restarting the device by turning it off and on (3 clicks off, 3 clicks on) a few times to see if it will "unstick" the LED. Can be cause be a low voltage fault. If battery is within its 3month warranty period exchange product.

    If your T18E won't charge

    • If you plug your T18E into a charger and the RED LED illuminates without flashing and stays on constant there may be a fault with the battery section of the device. A properly charging T18E will always flash the LED 3 times before going to constant.
    • IF the LED does not illuminate at all when connecting to the charger try changing the charging cable and wall plug for another compatible cable and or wall plug to see if the issue still occurs. By process of elimination you can see if those components are at fault and arrange a replacement accordingly.