Innokin T20s Kit
Innokin T20S Kit

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The T20-S comes with a 1500mAh internal Li-Po battery. It has integrated safety protection and features Innokin’s ‘vape while charging’ technology. The tri-colour LED power indicator clearly shows remaining power levels and charging status.

The included Innokin Prism-S tank is the next generation tank and coil system. Focused on pure flavour and throat hit, this mouth-to-lung (MTL) tank provides an exceptional experience in how it vaporizes e liquid. Just unscrew the cap and fill from the top. Enjoy the optimized draw for just the right amount of airflow and precision vaporization.

How Does It Work?

The device is turn on and off using Innokin’s 3 click system. Battery life is shown by illuminating the LED behind the button. Full charge is shown with a green light, half is amber and red is low. To fill unscrew the top cap and fill against the side of the tank. Allow 5 minutes before vaping for coil to prime.

Battery drain indication: Red LED will flash when recharge needed.

How long to charge: 2/3 hours.

How long will a charge last: Moderate vapers should find their device lasting a day

Charge indication: Green LED Indicates FULL

Amber LED Indicates HALF

Red LED Indicates LOW

Battery Size: 1500mAh

Maximum Battery Output: 18W

Battery On/Off function: 3 clicks on, 3 clicks off.

Set up procedure

Initial setup of the T20S is incredibly straight forward.

The tank is top fill so simply unscrew the black top section, pour your liquid down the inner side wall of the tank ( Do not pour into the central chimney )

Screw the tank to the battery finger tight , the click the power button 3 times rapidly to activate. Leave to stand for 5 minutes prior to first use to allow the liquid to soak into the coil wick.

Press and hold the power button for the duration of your draw to Vape.

Hardware Accessories

Innokin T20S TANK
Innokin T20S TANK

Manufactures Guide

Endura T20 S
Mon 20 Jan 2020
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    Endura T20s Starter Kit

    T20s only fires for a few seconds the flashes.

    This could be caused by the overheat protection kicking in. Does the mod or tank feel particularly hot when this happens? Check your 510 connector on your tank and battery is free from dirt and clean it if necessary. Use a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. If this does not solve the issue replace if within warranty.

    T20s Red Flashing light (8secs)

    Generally if the device goes below 3.3V, that indicates an issue with your charger or the battery cell itself. Low voltage is very unhealthy for batteries as they could wind up being unable to regain a charge if not properly taken care of. Chances are, it's time to upgrade. Apologies for the inconvenience, but this will always happen in any internal battery device after enough time and use.

    T20s Spitting and gurgling

    A flooding issue can typically be narrowed down to the juice, a defective coil, or improper filling techniques. Rarely, the tank structure itself can be the issue as well.

    Here's a few troubleshooting steps-

    Inspect the bottom and top of the tank for O-rings. They are opaque rubber seals that keep the pressure of your tank in check. If one is missing, replace it with the spare O-ring kit found in the kit's accessories section. Try not priming the coil- just slot the coil in and fill the tank. If you are priming the coil with too much juice, it will cause flooding and spitting. Use a thicker juice. Thinner juices can seep into the cotton excessively and cause spitting. Replace the coil, making sure to not flood it or overfill the tank. If none of this helps, you'll need to reach out to our support team for a warranty claim, as it may be a structural issue with the tank.