5 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Vape Coil

There's nothing better than the first few draws from a brand new coil. Whether you are a seasoned or new vaper, changing your coil is an essential part of vaping maintenance. Below we will explore the telltale signs that your coil needs to be changed.

What are the benefits of always having a fresh coil?

1) Extend the lifespan of your device

2) Smooth tasting vape

3) Better vaping experience

How often should you change coil?

It primarily relies on personal experience, the device you use, and your habits. It could range from weekly to monthly.

Sounds complicated? No. Today, we share 5 know-hows that you can look out for to know when to replace your coils for the most satisfying vaping experience.

Now, let's dig in to find out more!

Changing a coil
1. Experiencing a burning taste when you vape

Coils are consumable products with a limited lifespan. The wick is the cotton part inside the coil that soaks up the e-liquid, which turns into vapour when heated. If there is not enough liquid to vaporise, the element will still heat up when you try to use your vape and burn the wick, causing an unpleasant burnt taste in your mouth. Changing your coil will give you the best vaping experience and avoid any unpleasant tastes.

2. Off tasting e-liquid

If you're an experienced vaper, you might be able to tell when to change your coil just by the taste of your vape. You may start noticing that your e-liquid doesn't taste the same or is a bit dull.

This is because your wick and coil might have soaked in different e-liquids, unable to release the right flavour anymore.

3. Weak Vapour Production

A subtle sign that you shouldn't ignore, poor and inconsistent cloud. It indicates that your coil is in its last leg and needs replacing.

4. Gurgling Inhale

There are 2 reasons why your vape produced that terrible gurgling sound and spits when inhaled.

1) Improper coil placement

2) Tank flooding/ burnt out

If you have readjusted your coil and it is still making that sound then, you'll need to install a new one.

Check out video below

5. Leaky Device

When you've used the same coil for some time, it'll stop working like how it used to. Burnt, lousy taste, weak vapour, noisy inhale or even leaking.

It might not be your coil's fault but, it could definitely be one of the reasons that you should look into it.


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