OXVA Xlim Review - Experience The Full Spectrum

One of our all-time favourite devices has been updated and we are very excited to share the results with you! Let’s discover what OXVA has improved with this new version.

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We recently did a full review on the OXVA Xlim Pod Kit, and we loved it.. A brief summary of the OXVA Xlim Pod Kit Review is as follows: great build, pocketable, powerful and great flavour production but our one niggle was the pods were a little leaky on occasion. Since then, OXVA have released a brand-new pair of pods and a new set of colours. Let’s find out if it’s made much difference!

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The Colours

To start with the OXVA Xlim Pod Kit is now available in 3 brand new colours: black/red, artic ice and black/white. OXVA use of gradients carries through from their original range and looks very striking, there’s bound to be one you’ll love!

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The Pods

Time for the big news, the pods! The pods were our only slight issue with the previous version, as we experienced occasional leakage. Have the OXVA Xlim V2 pods solved the problem? In short, YES! The new pods are available in 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω and now fill from the side rather than the top.

OXVA recommend the 0.6Ω for freebase and the 0.8Ω for nic salts. My experience so far has been totally leak-free, yet the incredible flavour production remains exactly the same. Even better news is that the v2 pods are compatible with the original Xlim device. If I’m being fussy, the plastic tab covering the fill port can be a little fiddly to open.

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I found it odd when the Xlim first came out, that neither of the original pods were compatible with the device's maximum 25W output. This is no longer an issue with the new V2 pods. Insert a 0.6Ω pod and you can now rock it right the way up to 25W, which is great for those who like it cloudy.

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The OXVA Xlim Pod Kit is a triumph! We said in our last review that the Xlim is a ‘near-perfect device’. Well now, with the v2 pods and even more eye-catching colours, it’s as close to a perfect small device as we’ve seen. Great style, easily pocketable, long-lasting battery, customisable airflow, incredible flavour and solid build. Not to mention the tiny 1cm, yet crystal clear OLED screen that makes using the OXVA Xlim Pod Kit a joy.

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